Monday, October 12, 2015


I just returned from vacation and it was a blast!  
My husband and I drove to NC to visit our daughter, the fish biologist. 
 We decided to make the drive in 2 days so we could stop at the Homer Laughlin Factory (Fiestaware) in Newell, WV.  
Man that place never disappoints!

We bought a few things (gross understatement of the century), but we left more than we bought.

 They had a cool Halloween display as you walked in.

I am still fascinated by the broken pottery pile!

We continued to drive and I found this quilt shop in the old Seneca Glass factory!  
Country Roads Quilt Shop, in Morgantown, WV.   
 The owner was so nice!
The shop was adorable too.

There she is in her wonderful shop!

You can see the stack from the glass factory outside.

I found a few treasures while I was there!

We continued on to our final destination of the Locust Hill B & B, in Marlinton, WV. 
 Apparently it used to be a dairy farm!

This was our room.  So cute!

This beautiful Dresden was hanging in another room.

View from our room.  There is a pond outback and a fire pit too.  

they also have a pub located in the building and the food was fantastic.  
There is literally no place in the town to eat, so this was perfect!

This is the side of the house.

We got up the next day and continued the drive to Mebane, about 4 hours more I think it was. 
 There were a LOT of quilt barn/houses everywhere we went, but it was not easy to get photos as we were whizzing past them!

 We have made friends with one of the gentlemen that lived where we had my dad.  
His name is Roy.  He and his wife lived in the AFC home with my dad. 
 When my dad passed away, they were worried we would stop visiting, but we have not. 
 Anyway, we have been helping him get his house ready to sell, which included getting an Estate sale person in to clear out the house.  
She didn't want to see the silver as no one wanted to pay what it was worth.
  So she gave it back to us and we took it to a place near our daughter's called  Replacements, LTD.  They buy china, silver and crystal. 
You can get replacements of your pieces here too.  
So if your grandma gave you some china and you are missing the gravy boat, you can look there and see if they have one!   
While we were waiting to see if they would buy the flatware we had brought 
we took a tour of the place.  
It is the size of 7, count them SEVEN, football fields!!!  
Just look down this aisle!
The tour guide told us they did over 70 million dollars worth of business last year!!!
Clearly, I am in the wrong business, LOL.

This is the wall of Fiestaware!  Please excuse the drooling on the floor.

A very interesting service that they do is piercing your flatware.  
Always wanted a slotted spoon in your silver or even your regular stainless flatware? 
 This is the place to get it done.  They use water to do it.  It was very interesting. 
 They repair and re-plate silver too.  Check out the candles and pine on the cake server.  
Many different patterns to choose from.  
I even got to see what a Sardine fork looks like (weird, and you know you totally just Googled that).

They had some china from past presidents.  This pattern was the one chosen by Abe Lincoln.  

Next we went to a Asian/Mexican grocery store!  Odd combination to be sure but awesome.
It was called Super G Mart.

The first quilt shop was called Ye Olde Forest Quilt Shop
 It didn't really have a lot of modern fabric but it did have this "Stitchy Woman"
 that my husband insisted I purchase!  LOL

The next shop we went to was amazing!  
I could have spent all my hard earned money here!
It is in Greensboro and called Studio Stitch.  
It would be dangerous to live near here for sure!

If you are looking for a few HTF/OOP fabrics this place had some beauties.  
Give them a call!

Then back to my daughter's place to have her daddy show her how to make Sushi.

She did pretty well.

This is getting long so I will continue later in the week.  I hope you are enjoying my travels!


4 comments: said...

Oh what a fun trip. Love seeing all of the places that you stopped.

beaquilter said...

Fun trip! and you didn't stop by me??? SIGH..... and drool sushi.... will be 2 months before I can have some of that, unless we make it ourselves and COOK the fish, but it's just not the same ;)

barbara woods said...

enjoyed all the pictures

margaret said...

what a great trip. Loving the fiestaware never seen or heard of it before do not think it is available here in UK. What a place with all the secondhand china silver etc could browse there for hours.

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