Friday, June 10, 2016

A Little IKEA Trip

I headed off to IKEA last night in search of some of the orange cat fabric I have seen online.  
I managed to snag a few yards for myself and for my friend.  
It is kind of a light weight canvas.  
It would be great for bags or for outdoor cushion covers.

These bees were kind of cool too.

As I was walking out I saw everyone's favorite cart and say WHATTTTT???? 
 Look at those magnetic bins attached to the sides!!!  
One more way to increase storage without increasing the footprint in my sewing room!  
I always seem to have little "things" that need a home.

I wasn't keen on the food pics, but they come out and the top is clear.  
This way you can see inside the bin.  
Or I suppose you could make a photo and put it on the cover too.

Another thing I do in my room to maximize the space utilization is put my mini ironing board 
on top of my cart.  
It's handy and it is movable.  I
 even recovered the board with the metalic reflective peel and stick ironing board cover material. (made by Bo Nash and you can find it here
I love using this! 
 Easy to change and multiplies the heat.

Another space saver is a shoe holder that fits over the door.  
I use it on the back side of my door in my sewing room.  
It's a great place for me to keep things like cards, floss, tule, and bits and bobs that are too big for those canisters and not used frequently but I can never seem to find otherwise! 

As I was taking photos in my room, Hallie was "helping".  
You can tell the difference between her and Autumn as Autumn is a little bit of a thing and 
Hal is a chubba wubba.  
HAHA, I love my calicos!

Enjoy your weekend and make time to do something that makes you happy!


9 comments: said...

Cool space saving ideas. Love the ironing board idea since mine is currently on a small collapsible table, I have been considering the TV tray, but your idea is much better.

Judy in Michigan said...

If you order on line, do you have to put it together?? or does it come assembled. I couldn't find that answer on the cart ordering page. I like the idea though! Btw, the antique tractor show is the last weekend in July in Boyne Falls/Walloon Lake, MI. I will google it for you and get the link.

Ioleen said...

Great ideas and fabric finds. Thanks for sharing. A trip to Ikea in on tap for tomorrow. Hope they have the orange cat fabric.

sophie said...

Some days I REALLY miss IKEA ... what great fabric!

Colleen Yarnell said...

You know the carts are being discontinued. It was posted at the Charlotte NC store back in April

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Mary Ann said...

Where are you finding fabric at IKEA? I went to one in Seattle area and looked for the fabric, couldn't find any?

Mary Ann said...

Where are you finding fabric at IKEA? I went to one in Seattle area and looked for the fabric, couldn't find any?

KaHolly said...

I went to an IKEA store for the first time this past winter. I was pretty overwhelmed with all the 'coolness'!

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