Wednesday, June 15, 2016

WIPs With Friends

I see that Lee over at Freshly Pieced is no longer doing the WIP Wednesday link up.  
I think I will make a link up here for those of you that might like it.  
I can try it with photos (I think you get some trials for free).  
If it catches on, then I will pay for that service, but you have to play along!

I had an unexpected trip to Grand Rapids to replace my sister's broken tv.  
The good that came of that was I got to stop at Stitched Studio on the way home. 
 I love visiting that shop so much!  I picked up a few additions to my stash while I was there.

This very modern fishing fabric caught my eye.  
I know you are saying "fishing fabric"?  Yes fishing fabric. 
 Hubby fishes and DD2 is a fishery biologist, so I need to make a couple of fish themed quilts.  
Have you seen the fish fabric that's out there?  
Realistic, dark and drab fish.  Loved this 
(and that crosshatch worked perfectly in with these too).

You can never go wrong with some Tiger Lily.  Love, love, love this line.

As fate would have it we also had time to stop at Keens in Mason for a little more retail therapy.  
I need to find yardage of this aqua pronto for another Fox Face quilt!

Some new Tula? Ummm yes please, don't mind if I do!  
Those two flower prints are two of my new favorites!

Remember these silly faces?  Well I'm making some more. 
 I just loved these so much.
I have a story to tell you about these but 
I can't share more than the fact that I am making more of them for the minute. 
 I will share eventually and you will all understand.  
This is one of the things I am currently working hard to finish.

I am slowly making progress on more of these things.  I am also linking up to Let's Bee Social.



Anonymous said...

Beautiful new fabrics, love the faces and good on you for hosting link up :)

Jennifer said...

Retail therapy is the best and I love all your pretty new fabrics, even the fishy ones. Adding my link.

Nancy said...

That little embroidered face is adorable I wonder what you will do with it and the others you're working on?!
--Nancy. (ndmessier @, said...

I like the blue sunflower looking fabric. Great fabric acquisitions, and the little faces remind me of the old cartoons with the flowers with faces.

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