Friday, June 03, 2016

Busy City Quilt

If you have followed me for any length of time you know that I get together with 2 of my work friends periodically to sew. 
 Last time we made a wedding quilt for a lab mate. 
 This time one of our co-workers is going to visit a woman that used to be in the lab 
but now lives in Belgium.  
This woman had a baby a few months ago and the one going to visit said if we had anything to send along she would take it.  
Well, but of course we do! 
 I immediately thought of the pattern Busy City, that I have had for quite sometime now. 
If you want a copy, and I think you will, it is available here.  

 It is little construction vehicles and they are all paper pieced. 
 This lent itself to each of us making 4 vehicles. 
 So we got together at Robin's house.  
We brought all our solids and I brought the background fabric (Moda Bella Feather).  
Robin set us all up at her dining room table. 
 It's kind of dark but you can see Judith sitting at the table.  
She even had a cutting station set up and we had individual ironing stations next to our seats!!!

Here is Judith with her cement mixer before I appliqued all the wheels on to it.

 This was our progress through out the day.

Judith had to bring hers home to finish but we got all of these finished and 
that is the fabric we were using for the back.  
It was a really cool flannel. 
 I later learned that I could not match up the buildings as the fabric was not really printed straight.  
So I had an idea for the back that you will see further down this post.

I just got it back from the quilter a few days ago and I am in love with how Kathy brought it to life! 
 I found the pattern of the construction vehicles that go around the perimeter of the quilt and we asked for wavy lines like a road for the center. 
 Kathy put wheels in the blue border and in the corners of the white border.  
Such an amazing quilting job, thank  you Kathy!  
She takes quilts by mail if anyone needs a fantastic quilter.  

This tow truck was in the pattern but the hook was not.  Robin added it using some hand embroidery.

You can see the wheels here.  I used Perfect Circles to make these on fusible.  
It made making the wheels go so much more quickly!

Here are a few more vehicles

I made the police car.  If this were for someone here in the US I would have put the city police name on the car.
 There are so many ways you could personalize this quilt with embroidery or fabric markers!

This is how the back turned out.  Isn't it adorable??

Close up of the vehicle quilting.

A few more vehicle close ups.  A back hoe

And a cherry picker

Ready to see the finished quilt front??  It is so cute!!!  
I can see making another one or 2 of these in the future.  

Linking up to Crazy Mom Quilts Blog.

Enjoy your weekend!



Kat said...

Adorable! That is an awesome pattern for a little boy.

~Diana said...

So cute~what a wonderful gift!

KaHolly said...

I GUESS it's too cute! Maybe even one of my new favorites! Well done, ladies! Love the way it was quilted. PERFECT! XO

Lisa in Port Hope said...

Sew nice to make a group quilt for a friend, I'm sure the baby will love the bright colours.

Altomare said...

That is so cute. Any little guy would love it.

Chris Matsche said...

Very cute. Great job! That little boy will love it.

Ioleen said...

Beautiful little baby boy quilt. Quilting is outstanding. Nice to get together with friends and work on a project for a friend living far away. Great job ladies!!! said...

Cute quilt. How cool that all of her friends chipped in to send a quilt for her new little one.

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