Wednesday, December 20, 2017

WIPs With Friends

As I said previously, I have been busy, busy, busy sewing but can't show much of it.  
I did make three more tea towels.  
Two of them are going in the mail to people I can't mention and 
one will be hand delivered on Christmas Eve.  
I may still need to make one more, I'm thinking about it.

We had our lab Christmas party and I found this amazing recipe online that I decided to make.  
It was a HUGE hit!  
I am going to make it for the family Christmas party on Christmas eve.  
It is a spinach dip Christmas tree!! 
 You use a roll of pizza dough to make it and a spinach dip recipe that is 
not the usual Knorr recipe and it is to die for! 
 I found the recipe on the It's Always Autumn blog and 
you can find it here if you need to make one too.  
Super easy and very yummy!

I thought I would show you the latest popular cat toy at my house.  
Cole loves to shred spongy things.  
First is his ball, then my kitchen sponge and now this noodle.  
He just goes to town on it.  
Odd little cat.  

Last night my daughter and her new house peacock, Stan came for a visit.  
I was elected to sew yet another peacock diaper!  
Yes, I really do get to sew ALL the things!! 
 This time DD picked out some fancy fabric for a diaper.  

So here is the beginning of diaper making.  
I had Beep's old one to use as a guide, but since Stan is younger and smaller I had to modify it.  
I drew a pattern from the old one.  
We had to do several "fittings" to make sure it fit correctly.

Eventually, this was the finished product.  

Stan is a snuggler.  If you have followed me for very long you may have seen the past 2 house peas.  Gizmo was the first and we lost him at about 10 months.  
Then came Beep.  
She was with us for almost 2 years before swallowing the needle thing and 
dying from complications of surgery.  
DD swore no more house peas but as you can see she could not resist Stan.  
He is happy in the house or in the pen (unlike Beep) but when in the house he needs a diaper.  
We actually think he may be slightly mentally impaired and may not have the best eyesight. 
 He really is quite sweet which you would never have said about Beep, or almost never, 
she was sweet to DD just not very many others.  

I was snapping this photo of Stan and his "mom" when my husband said, "hey, what about me? 
 I have someone that loves to snuggle with me too".  

Every time he sits in that chair, Finny decides that he needs to snuggle with his dad and hops right up, walks over his computer and expects hubby to put his arm in "the position" for him to snuggle into.  Usually he throws his head back and kisses his dad and wants to know he is ok 
then settles in for a nap.  
It is super cute.  
Except when Finn is snuggled up by me and 
Chris calls his name and he bolts over to be with his dad.  
These two!

Here is a photo of Mr Fancy Pants in his new diaper. 

So as you can see the fun never ends at my house.  Never mind that I am *trying* to get ready for Christmas!  

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Angie said...

Congratulations on the new family bird! Happy holidays!!

Cynthia's Creating Ark said...

Lots has been happening there. I must find that recipe and try it sound delicious. Merry Christmas.

dianne said...

I do so lurve those coneflowers - thank you for sending me a bouquet of flowers while Winter has all the others in deep sleep, dear little mama/sistuh...

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