Tuesday, January 02, 2018

Holiday Happenings

I hope everyone had time to enjoy some time with their families.  
We had a nice holiday.  
My younger daughter and her BF were home for the holiday from NC. 
 I made some sugar cookies and we decorated them.  

Happily, I was able to get everything wrapped and the house decorated before they arrived home.

For Christmas eve we went to my SIL and BIL's house out of town. 
 There were 47 of us all together!  
I can't believe I only took 2 photos!  
This one is of me and my great niece, Winnie.

This was me and my SIL, Mary.  I thought to snap one on our way out to the car!

Christmas morning at our house was so much fun! 
 I made breakfast casserole and had time to make some cinnamon scones 
(my favorite, Panera knock off ones) 
before everyone got out of bed.  

We did pet presents first since both my son's dog, Abbey and Nick's dog, 
Max and the cats were there.

Thadd with Abbey and Max

DD1 with Finn and Cole

Abbey loved the candy cane raw hide thing

Ah, Finn just wants to be where we are.

Next came gifts.  I made a set of golf club covers for Nick.  
They are back in NC and he sent me a photo and they fit his clubs, PHEW!

I made DD1 this snake wall hanging.  It matched her snake, Clove.

I made pillows for Nick and Kelsey.  Nick's had Max on it.

Kelsey's had Mitch, her cat, on it.

My SIL, had his "ugly Christmas sweater" on.  It matched my daughter's. 
 Finn was right in the middle of the gift opening.

We bought grease protectors for Nick and her tried to play badmitten with them, LOL.

Nick gave Kelsey some beautiful Michigan art and a trip to Charleston.  

I received a fold up table to put my sewing machine on, for the camper, but no photo.
I am waiting for the insert to arrive.
I have more photos from the time off and will share a little each day this week.

I hope you all had a nice holiday and some rest.
Going into the new year I suppose we all will have resolutions but that is for another post.



Siouxzq64@gmail.com said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas. How cool to have all the family.

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