Tuesday, July 10, 2018

Happy Tuesday

When we were in GR for our visit we stopped at a garage sale on the way home.
I found this darling needle case there.
The lady just gave it to me.
Made my day!

We stopped in Mason on our way home too.  I picked up some fabrics that were on a pretty good sale.
Mendocino octopi.

This great background fabric from Allison Glass.  Sure wish they had more of this one!

These other 2 Allison Glass prints too.  
There is a friend in the traveling quilt group that adores AG, 
and I have very little of her fabric in my stash.

On Saturday morning this goofball brought me his "toy".  
He has spongy balls that he LOVES me to throw for him.  He brings them back every time.  
You should see how high he jumps sometimes to get them.  
I guess I need to try to video it sometime.  
Obviously he couldn't find a ball so he brought me my kitchen sponge.  
Silly kitty!

I am ever so slowly working on this crib quilt.  
The entire thing is embroidered and has cats on it.  
The border is a million cat paws.  
They are so boring to stitch in my favorite color, brown...not. 
 I try to pick it up and work a little at a time.  I am not doing the cats until all these paws are done. 
 I know if I do that I will never finish it.  
Do you ever do that?  
Work on the part you like least so you can finish with the fun part?

I know I have told you that Finny LOVES my husband.  
I managed to snap this pic one morning to show you how these 2 sleep every night.  
It is so cute!  

Thank you for your show of support on my post from yesterday. 
 I really just needed to get that written down.  
When I am having a bad day I remember how much harder my life could actually be and am thankful I am the person doing the caregiving.  
I'm sure soon enough I will be the old lady receiving it.  

Happy Tuesday my friends.  Go and enjoy this day!



Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

I usually alternate the fun and the not fun parts. It is my reward for getting the non fun parts, and keeps the not fun parts from being intolerable.

chrisknits said...

What a cute kitty!! He just wants to play, come on Mom!

Lesley Gilbert said...

Yes please - a video of the cat and his 'toys'. Just finished reading yesterdays post - you both look pretty in blue, my favourite colour :)

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