Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Kitty Swap

I participated in a swap of kitty things.
I was in the pillow cover group.
I made a pillow cover and a table runner and sent them to a person.
A different person sent to me
My package arrived yesterday.
As you can see Cole was super excited about all the kitty stuffs in the box!

You know him and his love of balls.  This was the first thing he grabbed out of the package.

Finn patiently waited and found this toy to his liking.

A video of Finn playing with his new toy

A video of Cole playing with his new toy!

I can't even begin to express how thrilled I am with all the things my partner sent to me!
Instead of a pillow cover she made a mini quilt and it could not be more spot on.

It has Finn, Hallie, Cole and Jack (on the Rainbow Bridge).  
This is such a great representation of my cats!  I was so touched she included Jack too.

Just look at all this cool stuff!  
The mini, sox, 2 different cat fabric bowls, a stuffed cat some candy, a sticker, three cat toys
 (not pictured, obviously), some thread, a coffee cup band to keep the cup warm, and kitty treats!  How lucky am I???

 I caught Finny shoving his face in the coffee holder!  HA!  
As soon as I put this down to take a picture, BAM, they were all over it!

Slightly better behaved.

Anyway, partner, I could not be more thrilled with my package.  
So far I am 100% happy with all of the swaps I have been involved with!  

Do you remember the two things I made and sent (along with some other goodies, of course)?
This was the pillow cover I sent.

Then I made a table runner for the extra we were supposed to include.  
I think she actually liked this better than the cover!
It is pretty darned cute.
I may just need to make one for myself!

Do you do swaps?
Have you been happy with what you received?

Have a great week while I'm away!!



KaHolly said...

Too much fun! An incredible swap! No, I don’t do swaps. I’m just not organized enough.

Ioleen said...

That’s a great haul you have there ❤️❤️❤️ I don’t do swaps but as you know I have been known to respond to requests for quilt blocks etc. I love to include chocolate because everyone loves chocolate.

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