Friday, December 14, 2018

Shipshewana Travels

We also traveled to Shipshewana Indiana for the day. 
It is about a 3 hour drive for us. 

 It is lovely to go during the holidays as all the decorations are so beautiful. 
I loved seeing these horses made out of wood.

First stop was Jo Jo's Pretzels.  Man I love that place!  BEST pretzels ever! 
 Of course, Lolly's is right across from there so I had to go in and shop, right?  
I was looking for some solids for an upcoming planned quilt and
 knew I should be able to find them in the quilt shops here. 
 I was not disappointed.  I scored this at Lolly's. 
A little Swell Christmas may have hopped in my bag, 
as well as the cutest "Night Before Christmas" text print.  
Those stripes from Vintage Christmas were in the sale room...SCORE!

What they did not have were many of the Kona solids.  
So we went to Yoder's.  I was able to get the rest of the solids I needed for the top!! 
 I am excited for this quilt but it has to wait in line.  

We went to E and S Sales too (well duh!) and there is a row of buggy parking. 
 I have this unnatural attraction for the horses and buggies.  
They make me absurdly happy for some reason.

If you know anything about by now you know how much I love cats.  
People used to make so much fun of me for that all through school!  
Now as an adult I just don't care.  
I love all animals but cats are my favorite (in case you didn't know, LOL).  
When Chris had me go into the Yoder's general store I was looking at axes, and bird feeders 
and such and when I rounded the corner I saw THIS!

Are you kidding me right now???  A GIANT Kit Cat clock in PINK???  YES Please!!  Haha, not really, I have no place for something like this but I really needed my picture by it don't you think?  I was not dressed for photos and just threw my hair in a pony tail but what the heck.  Who knows if it will be there next time we go, right?  I have a mint colored Kit Cat Clock that Chris got me for Christmas one year.  Our friend Maggie, who passed away, had an original black one and when we were helping her hubby clear out the house he let me have it to remember Maggie by.  You can see the actual size of the clocks all around the giant pink cat and me.  That orange tiger one was calling my name...

It was a super fun day and I can't wait to go back in the new year and visit again.  I just can NOT get enough of this place!  The only bad thing this trip is that there were no fry pies.  Mind, this was good for my weight loss but I missed having a cherry fry pie.

If you get a chance to go to Shipshewana you should!  It is so much fun!


5 comments: said...

Great pics. Looks like fun.

PymaGirl said...

Love to go there, too. Started going many, many years ago and have been able to watch how much it has grown and developed.

Lana said...

Love the giant clock! What a fun place and day. And score with the fabrics.

mtquilter said...

Looks like you really scored in the fabric department! Someday I hope to make it there. So many little time! :)

KaHolly said...

You’re a cutie! I went to Shipshewana many, many years ago, before I started quilting. I would love to go back now! My niece doesn’t live too far from there. Maybe I’ll have an opportunity to visit her someday. Glad you enjoyed your day!

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