Thursday, January 03, 2019

Christmas 2018

I realized that I had not posted about Christmas so thought I would do that now.  
We had a very quiet Christmas this year.  
On Christmas eve we went to my BIL and SIl's house to celebrate with my husband's family. 
Isn't their house amazing?

 His parents flew in (secretly) and showed up to surprise us all.  GREAT surprise!

This photo is my husband's family and their spouses in age order with my hubby being the eldest.

 Next up was a pic of all the grand kids (minus the ones that were at their in-law's for the holiday.
My daughter is in the dino sweater in the front and my son is the second from the right. 
The middle daughter was in NC at her in-laws.

This is most of the great grand children.  
Again we were missing a few who were with their parents at the in-laws for Christmas.

Both of our daughters were not at our house for Christmas this year, 
so it was pretty low key with just our son.

 I got up and put my Monkey Bread into the oven and later the breakfast casserole.

I put on my Reindeer pants and Cole snuggled up with me on the couch while we waited for my son to arrive.

I had made some cookies this year so had a cookie while we waited.

The tree looked so pretty.  We never did find the angel for the top though.

Christmas decorations are so beautiful!

Eventually my son showed up and we opened gifts.  

2018 was the Christmas of the pillowcases.
I decided everyone needed some!

These were ours

 These were for my son

These were for DD1


And for my sister.  I sent one more Frosty to her friend David too.

Finny was feeling festive.

Cole was just being trouble.

It was just what we needed in this holiday.  No big hustle and bustle just some quiet time with family.

More to come on the week between Christmas and New Year's eve shortly.

I hope you had a blessed holiday (if you celebrate)



Karen said...

Super fun post! Thanks for sharing.
Joann's had Ohio State had Christmas/Winter fabric on sale, but it was only in Ohio or online. I wanted to make pillows for my nephews and niece but didn't want to pay shipping 'cause I'm out of state. I am bad aunt!

Kathy @ Kwilty Pleasures said...

Looks lovely.

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