Monday, November 11, 2019

Weekend Chatter

I had a really great weekend.  
I got a lot of cleaning and meal prep done in the house on Saturday.  
I spent most of the morning cleaning out the canned good pantry.  
I took everything out of the cupboard, cleaned all the shelves, tossed out all expired food and put everything back inside grouped by what they were.  
I also used a marker to put the expiration on all the canned goods.  
That way if there were 2 cans of the same thing I would know to use the oldest one first.  
I know there is Spam in there but hubby loves it, HAHA.

On Sunday I cleaned some in my sewing room and 
made the binding for the purple quilt you see in the background.  
As you can see Finn was hard at work "helping".

Then I set to work on another paper pieced project I need to make for a friend.  
She doesn't read this so I feel confident showing you this sneak peek.  
As you can see, Cole was holding down the dragon so it could not fly away.  

Cats are such big helpers in the sewing room, aren't they?
Most of the weekend was spent either cleaning, running errands, cooking or sewing.  
I LOVE these kind of weekends!  I can't wait to retire and do this full time!  

Hope you all had a great weekend too!



Shelina (formerly known as Shasta) said...

My sister marks the expiration dates (or maybe it is the purchase date) on all canned goods when she puts away the groceries she just bought.

Angie said...

Your pantry looks great! Good idea about date on cans. Your cats look so happy helping with sewing stuff. Enjoy your day!!

Jacqueline said...

I too take joy in cleaning and organizing.

Dots said...

Don't you love a productive day? The outcome is always so satisfying. Nice job on your pantry. Finn and Cole are beautiful cats. I just LOVE cats. Had them all my life. And you will love retirement! I love mine!

KaHolly said...

Ha, ha! That can of Spam was the first thing that caught my eye! Ate it a lot when I was a kid. Glad you have such good helpers. I’ll be heading back to Texas soon where my Grandkitty is waiting to be my helper, too. Cats are so funny!

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