Sunday, November 15, 2020

A New Quilt Begins

 I brought some projects with me knowing there would be some down time. 
 I've made it through several of them and am hoping to get at least one more on it's way to being done.  So that being said, my All Hallows Eve quilt was the one I started working on next.  
The pattern is one I re-discovered recently and it looked super easy (and it is).  
It is basically a rail fence with the center being a skinny strip.  
I have been having fun with it.  
I was hoping to make a queen sized quilt but am shy a few blocks. 
 I used 2 jelly rolls of All Hallows Eve fabric and was able to use the cream strips for the light blocks.  Interestingly, I was able to make enough blocks for a size between the twin and queen 
(not a size on the pattern). 
 I did find some fabric at a local shop 
so will see if I can make enough additional blocks to make an actual queen.  
Both Cole and Finn like to lay on all the blocks.
  Cole has been throwing up in the mornings so 
I have to put them away so he doesn't get anything on them.

I didn't realize how much black yardage I was going to need.
I brought 2 different black fabrics.
One alone was not enough to do the whole quilt so I used both!
The pattern calls for all the same light for the light blocks but I just used the light strips.
So mine will be a little more scrappy.
I think I will try to use the blacks I have for the black border too.
Scrappy seems to be the theme of this quilt.

I was cutting the strips into blocks and Cole was holding down the pressing mat

He wanted me to stop pressing my strip sets so he could lay on the warm mat.

One afternoon I was watching a Hunger Games marathon and cutting strip sets into blocks.

The pattern I am making is called Brownstone and it looks like this.  If you need to make one too, you can find a pattern here.

I still have a few more strip sets to make and then sew into blocks.
I trimmed the blocks I have done last night.
I'm one step closer to being able to lay this out.
I need to find some of the orange large flower print for the outer border.
Otherwise I think I am set with borders.



Aileen said...

Awesome quilt blocks. Should go together easily! Love the color.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Very pretty!

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