Saturday, November 21, 2020

The Haw River and Graffiti Bridge

 Recently we went for a walk along the Haw river in NC.  
I thought the scenery was so beautiful!

There were several large rock structures in the river and this one reminded me of a gator.

This on reminded me of a frog

I love that you can see the falls in the background of this photo.

We found this amazing graffiti bridge in Bynum. 
 I thought I was pretty clever making Chris stand near this one.

I didn't get a photo but the entire bridge was COVERED in graffiti. 
 One over the top of the other. 
 Except this one was left untouched. 
 I thought that was really cool.  
It felt like the artists respected it enough to leave it alone. 
 At least that's how I chose to see it.

The rest of the pics were just art that I liked.

It was an interesting place to visit. 
 The beauty of the river and the area contrasting with the graffiti, art on the bridge.  



beaquilter said...

Friends of mine got married there too this summer or at least took pictures

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