Monday, December 28, 2020

Christmas Bear Quilt

 I have another finish for 2020.  
I was talking with a couple of my friends and we have been tossing around making quilts "together" from our respective homes.  
One of them suggested the Christmas bear quilt. 
 It was a kit from Moda.  
We all had it so I decided to work on it. 
 I got the top made while I was in Franklin, NC earlier this fall and shipped it home with a back and some batting to my LAQ. 
She quilted snowflakes all over it and I added the tassel to his hat. 

I could not decide who to gift this one to though. 
 I had an idea but hubby nixed it, so I figured out another plan that I think is a better one anyway. 
 We have the sweetest neighbors. 
 When we travel they take in our mail and watch our house and even mow the lawn.  
They have a 6 year old daughter that just LOVES us. 
 She asks her mom all the time when we are coming home. 
 So I gifted the quilt to Zoe and her family. 
Now she can have a big bear hug from us when we are away!

First time making a tassle.

I used one of my pre-printed labels and sewed it on with white thread. 
 I think I am going to have to order more labels for 2021.  
You can see in this photo that I used the same stitch to sew down the binding. 
 I like how this turned out and it certainly made sewing the binding on go MUCH more quickly.

I also finished a fleece dog bed/pillow. 
 Its filled up with nothing but unusable scraps and left over batting!

I usually hand these off to my son for his dog. 
Finn has 2 already but he really wanted to keep this one.
Too bad for him, my son has claimed it already!

I brought 3 projects with me to work on while I am here in NC for January.  
One is already cut out but I need to cut the other 2 out. 
More on those later.

What are your last finishes for 2020?



Juliana said...

How wonderful that you gave the little girl next door this bear quilt! I am sure she will treasure it, and I love the way you describe it as a hug for her when you are not home! Can't wait to see what you are working on next.

Bettina Groh said...

I love your bear quilt and the snowflakes are a wonderful idea!!! Bob says that it's really nice to have a label... posterity in his mind!! BTW.. he loves the quilt too!! Sitting back to back on our computers means he HAS to look !!

Ioleen said...

It’s a beautiful quilt and Zoe will love it for a long time.

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