Tuesday, December 01, 2020

Finally A Layout

 I finally got to a place that I could lay out the blocks that I made
using the 2 jelly rolls of All Hallows Eve.  
I was over at my daughter's house to help with Avery this morning. 
 They had a doctor appointment and she left me a list of things to do. 
 I got the house vacuumed, and swept the back room.  
I also made some lactation treats for her.
If you are interested, the recipe can be found here.
Then it was time to lay out the blocks.  I laid down a sheet and then started to play.  

This is the final (queen size) layout.
I think it is fairly balanced although now I see an area I would change, of course, LOL.
I am just going to sew it up now.
I will have borders for it once it is all sewn up.

Trying to get a little bit done before we head home for the holidays.



Bettina Groh said...

You sure have been busy!! It has been so long since I nursed my youngest ( she's 45) that I have no idea what a lactation treat is!! Must be something "new"....

MaggieOz said...

GGreat job beautiful quilt,Stay safe love and hugs Maggie xx

Ioleen said...

Very lovely, it’s beautiful. You are becoming super grandma, keep it up.

Laura said...

Love the colours in your quilt.

Lily Allen said...

Great job beautiful quilt.Love the colours in your quilt.
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