Wednesday, December 16, 2020

Cole Is In Observation!

 I'm just popping on here to let you all know the good news about Cole. 
 His 3 month blood work came back NORMAL! 
 This allowed us to go into the observation phase for the next 84 days! 
 Keep your fingers crossed that all stays stable for him.
  No more shots! 
 We are BOTH happy about that. 
 I want to take a minute to thank each and every one of you that prayed, sent good thoughts and donated to his becoming a healthy boy again.  
We could not have done it without you.
This is where we began.

This pic is so typical of what he was like. 
 He just slept and would not eat.  
He was skin and bones.
His fur was rough. 
 I believe he was dying.

This is where we are now.
2 kg heavier, eating all the time, and just being a general cathole.
(Like all cats)

GS has been a true miracle for Cole and most cats with FIP.
Right now it is only available on the secondary market.
If you have a cat with FIP or know anyone that has a cat wth FIP, and you want more information on treatment, please email me (

As you all know, treatment is not cheap,($90/vial) but the cure is 80-90% effective!
FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis) is caused by a mutated kitty Corona virus.
Most cats are exposed to this virus with no ill effects.
If  your cat has this illness it is 100% fatal without treatment.

This is what 84 days of shots looks like.
I saved all the syringes, needles and vials.
That syringe on the top was his last shot.

I can't express to you all how thankful I am that the treatment seems to have worked for Cole.
We are not totally out of the woods yet.
We need 3 more months of good blood work.
Hubby will be taking Cole in for his first blood work in MI.
Please keep us in your prayers as we navigate our way.

I will be babysitting this little cutie for the month of January.

I hope to be able to post again soon.
We are heading back to MI either Friday or Saturday (winter storm dependent).




Angie said...

Thank You Dear Lord for saving Cole the cat!!🛐 I'm so glad he is feeling better. He looks so good now. He's a cutie! 🤗💖

scrappy; said...

Cole looks wonderful. So glad this is working!

Ioleen said...

I’m so very happy for your family and for Cole. It’s great to see him looking like is old self.

CA Bobbie said...

Praises for prayers answered. Yeah for beautiful Cole. Bobbie in CA

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