Friday, January 29, 2021

I Really Am Still Here

 I know it has been quite a long time since I have posted anything. 
 I have been being kept quite busy with Avery!  

On top of that I contracted Covid.  
My daughter and son-in-law got it and shared the love with me. 
 Luckily we all had pretty mild cases of it and the only thing I have left over now is that I can't smell anything and some congestion that is causing me to cough. 
 We treated the baby as if he was negative so I have been wearing a mask around him. 
 I stayed home from babysitting for the first 4 days of my symptoms 
(they had it a week before I did).
 I'm on day 11 today and except for the pesky cough I feel good.

While I was self isolating in the camper I did a little sewing.  
This will be the third quilt top I have done since January 1.  
The other 2 were mailed back home to my long arm quilter. 
 She has quilted them both and dropped them off at my home,
 so now I just need to trim them and bind them.  
I have binding made for the Neverland one but not the dog one, yet. 
 I hope to make the binding for that this weekend.

The third quilt is one I can't show the whole of (one part in particular) or
 the person it is for will know it is for them!
  It's really a Christmas sort of quilt, maybe could be winter too, 
so I most likely won't even gift it until next Christmas!  

Cole is always helping me when I have sewing to do, LOL.

There are two sets of trees.  
One is light and one is dark.  
I used an ombre fabric so they are multi colored, just like real trees!

The other blocks are snowflakes. 
 I really love these blocks! 
 The centers are sparkly just like real snowflakes.

I now have the whole top put together.
There is one more BIG block 
(that's the one I can't show)
I need to put the borders on tomorrow.
Trying to decide if I want to make it bigger.  
If I end up making it larger I will do a thin green border (tree fabric)
and a bigger white border.  
I want to bind it in the green tree fabric too.

The boys have been good company during my month in NC by myself.
I love that Cole climbed into my lap and laid down like this.

We go in to the vet tomorrow for his 6 week blood work.  
Praying his blood work comes out well. He seems like his old self. 
 Just 6 more weeks after this for a total cure so keep your fingers crossed!

I think Finny has been missing Chris.  
He really is my husband's pal but I am trying to make sure he gets his share of Finny lovin' too.

These two really love each other and I am so thankful for their company at night.

So there you have it.
This is what I have been up to.

What's new with all of you my friends?



Bettina Groh said...

You were quiet so long that I was afraid you'd caught covid... and I was right! Glad it was mild and that all of you are doing better!!

Bettina Groh said...

Fingers crossed for Cole... and isn't Avery cute and looking so much older!!

Juliana said...

So glad that you and your family are getting better! That's scary! Love all the cat photos. Finny has such a beautiful face, and I love the way Cole was stretched out in your lap. What a great photo of Avery. He is growing like a weed!

Ioleen said...

That little face just gave me the biggest smile. He’s a cutie!!!
Wishing all the best for Cole. Take care my friend, I’m still looking fir that cat pattern. My friend has it and she said if you’re not in a hurry, she will get it to you.

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