Tuesday, February 09, 2021

Tip Tuesday

 Who knows if this will become a thing but today it is a thing.  
I figured out something tonight that made my life easier so I thought I would share.  
I was making some burp cloths
 (because I have a brain in my head and should be working on all the other things I really need to do).  It's funny, I was really wanting to make some but trying to hold off and 
today my daughter asked for some more. 
 Isn't that so weird? 
 I am overcome with the desire to do it and then she tells me she needs some more.
  But I digress.  

I buy flannel remnants and keep them for making burp cloths. 
 I HATE when I have to move the seams so that when I top stitch they are even on both sides. 
 Do you hate that too? 
 I found I was licking my fingers, then pouring water into a water bottle cap and wetting my fingers, 
but my fingers get so dry!  
It finally dawned on me tonight to use my spray bottle of water and spray down the entire burp cloth. 
 I was able to roll the seam and smooth it out and it worked so well!!!! 
 I took a video (one handed so please bear with me on that) 
of what I did and how I did it and how it looked before I top stitched it.

I then top stitched around all of the burp cloths.  
It was fun and mindless sewing and I loved every minute of it!  
Here are some of the ones I made tonight, not all but some.

I have quite a few more of these planned to make soon too. 
 I made 13 tonight! 
 I could have done more but I'm tired, LOL. 
 I went in to the lab for 6 hours today and then walked over to the hospital for my yearly mamogram.  (It was fine). 

 I have my first embroidery class of the year tomorrow morning. 
 I am sew excited because we are learning how to do quilt labels!!!!!! 
 I have at least 4 quilts ready for binding and labels.  
 will be so happy to have an easy way to make embroidered labels now!!

I will try to remember to take some photos tomorrow at class so you can see what I make too.

Have a great evening and go forth and spray those seams down!



Mrs. Goodneedle said...

The video didn't upload but the finished products are just great; baby A will love those!

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