Monday, May 17, 2021

Nightingale Quilt

 I am still trying to adjust to being home again.  
There is so much to do here! 
 I bought plants for the garden and some hanging baskets.  
I did weed the side garden and now I need to plant. 
 There is SO much yard work to do!!!  
I have had zero motivation to actually sew in the week since we have been home.  
I changed out all the bedding in both bedrooms today and did some laundry.
 I put away all the clean clothes from the camper and did some organization.  
Some days the work list seems so overwhelming!! 
 That makes me want to do nothing.  Do you ever feel like that?

Yesterday I thought I would put together the back for my "Canada Quilt".
I didn't think it would take *that* long but it took me over 2 hours to piece a back.
Every time I thought I was finished I realized it was not large enough.
I wanted to use fabric I had here rather than go out and buy fabric.
I did manage to do it using only fabric from my stash!!!
I did not get a photo of the quilt top or back, will have to do that once it is back from the quilter.

I then pieced the top for the Nightingale quilt.
This picture is from before I put the top together.
I will take a photo of the top tomorrow.
I was too busy to do anything with it today.

This is not a very good picture of the blocks as it is in my hallway and the lighting is crap.
I will take it outside tomorrow and get some better pictures.

I am still trying to navigate work time around the house and sewing time.
I really need to find a good balance.
Not just for the house, but also for my sanity, LOL.

I am giving plasma 2x a week and have to factor that in each week also.

Any tips on how you balance getting things done and finding time to sew?



Bettina Groh said...

balance??? You've got to be kidding !! There is always something that has to be done whether at home or at my daughter's!!
Bob was bitten by a tick... here or at daughter's. Insisted on a doctor visit and was told by the doctor and the nurse that I was RIGHT!! Blood was taken..results soon.. antibiotics prescribed. Now we wait!!

Judy in Michigan said...

My tip is to sit on the sofa, eat chocolates, and not do anything else. Who cares if it doesn't get done? You will be in la-la land with all that chocolate that you won't even notice. LOL

Minus the chocolate, that's where I am. I try to make a small list of things to do and balance that out. One day weeding or gardening with a bit of housework. Around 1pm, I go and sew until 5. Then finish up with whatever needs to be done in the house or yard. Hope that helps

Patti said...

I have found it is best to put it first on the list in the morning, even if it is 15-20 minutes, it sit and sew or pick out the fabric for a project. Of course we could always take that time to clean up our work space, RIGHT!!!. Just being in my sewing room for a few minutes at the start of a day helps my frame of mind.

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