Wednesday, May 05, 2021

Spending Time With Avery

 Our month in NC is coming to an end.  
We have spent almost every weekend with Avery and his parents.
  I have taken hundreds of photos and would love to share just a few of my favorites.  
Today, when I walked in and went to the room where he was on the floor,
 he looked up at me and was smiling so much! 
 It just melted my heart. 
 He is such a happy little guy and such a pleasure to be around.  

That smile!

 I took an entire series of photos of Chris making Avery laugh.
It was so difficult to choose just a couple!

This video of Chris making Avery laugh is the cutest!

The perfect ending to our visit this month.



Bettina Groh said...

Such a cutie pie.... boy are you going to miss him!! When do you go back?? You will have to zoom him ( and his parents).

Jacqueline said...

Your pictures just melt my heart

Ioleen said...

Oh, that smile, it’s saying I got you hook, line and sinker, lol. He’s adorable.

Judy in Michigan said...

Lucky you to spend time with him. He now knows you and will respond to you when you call. Happy for you!

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