Wednesday, July 14, 2021

My Birthday

 I had another birthday on Sunday.
  I really don't like my birthday very much. 
 It's often disappointing for me. 
 I don't know why I struggle so much with this one day, but it never goes how I would like it to. 
 This year was no exception. 
 I got up around 5:30 and fell getting out of bed. 
 I think I may have blacked out for a brief second. 
 I hit my face on the edge of the bed frame. 
 I gashed my shin and near my eye. 
 I decided that I should go to the Urgent Care to see if I needed stitches.  
Of course I needed stitches! 
 I got 6 in my chin and 8 near my eye. 
 I am so thankful it was not worse. 
 I went to the doctor for a check up today. 
 My BP has been extremely low and I was worried that might have been what happened.
  Getting up too quickly.  
Stay tuned.

The inside of my lip was really bruised and swollen. 
That was the worst part!

Chris said it was my "Anti-birthday" and that we would celebrate later.
We shall see...



Linda said...

So sorry about your anti-birthday! I used to feel that way about Mother's Day - long story short, I understand. Those look like good, tiny stitches - hope you heal well and quickly.

Susie said...

Not a good birthday hopefully you will feel like celebrating on a different day. Be like The Queen and have two birthdays anyway!!! Do hope you feel better soon. Hugs, Susie xx

Judy in Michigan said...

I hope they drew the skin extra tight near your eye - no more wrinkles there! Now for the other eye...NO, just kidding. Hope your day and this week went better. Hugs.

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wow! So sorry about your accident Ouch and Ouch. I feel the same why about my Birthday. I've noticed my daughter is the same way. Not sure where that comes from. I'll wish you a Happy Birthday and a speedy recovery!

Ioleen said...

Things just have to get better from here on. I started going back a year not getting to 75, lol. Enjoy celebrating when you can.

Bettina Groh said...

This was a birthday you won't forget!! It looks like they did a good "job" with the stitches.. This 76 year old is telling you to be more careful ! "Happy Birthday" and loads of bear hugs!!

Patti said...

Sorry to hear of you troubles YUK! No birthday present for sure. Upward and Onward!!!

Jacqueline said...


ytsmom said...

So sorry your birthday was a bust. Glad that your injuries weren't worse, so close to your eye.

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