Sunday, October 10, 2021

Visiting in NC

We have been in NC since we left Ohio.  
We have spent lots of time with Avery and his parents. 
 I am trying really hard to be choosey about which photos I share of him as his parents don't want too many photos out on the internet.

This is our set up at the campground. 
 As you can see we have added a screened in porch. 
 I'm pretty excited about that.  We put the boys in there but it doesn't have a floor and *someone* (not naming names, Cole) has figured how to go under and possibly out. 
 Oh well, I will use it to sew in!

See these 2 knuckleheads!

I was walking outside one day when I saw 6 of these lillies. 
 Someone told me they are called rain lillies. 
 SO pretty!

I am sharing just a few out of the HUNDREDS of photos I have taken this trip so far, LOL.

I have some from the mountains but that's for another time. 
 I am trying to go in order of events, LOL


He is literally the most adorable baby!

He loved being in the pool.  He kept trying to *catch* the water! 

OK, back to regularly scheduled blogging now.  
Finny was helping me sew my economy blocks for my economy fox quilt.

Every morning the boys cry to go outside.  
Finn has even begun using the "Outside" button to tell us he wants out also.
He didn't used to want to go outside with his brother.
This is them chilling in their tent.

I'll probably have a few more posts soon.  Lots happening.



Ioleen said...

Avery is a little cutie. It goes without saying that you spoil him, lol.

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