Sunday, August 14, 2022

Reject's Retreat 2022 Part 1

 It's that time again.  
Time to head out to Kansas City for the annual Reject's Retreat. 
 This year my friend, Kailie was joining us. 
 She and I decided to drive from MI to MO. 
 Hubby mapped out several quilt shops for us to stop at along the way as we progressed.  
He even put the times they opened up for us. 
 We started at Shipshewana. 
 Kailie had not ever been there. 
 First stop was Yoders and then Lollys.

Next was Betty's Quilting and Fabrics in Burnettsville, IN

The next stop was closed so we continued on the Chilothe, MO to spend the night.
We had a beautiful sunset on our drive there.

In the morning we went to Cuts and Bolts.  
They opened late and we just managed to catch them as we were ready to head out.
After that we were traveling on the the Missouri Star Quilt Company in Hamilton, MO\
This was the main shop.
Can you read the sign above us?
"Spends too much $$$ on fabric"
With an arrow pointing down, LOL.

This was in the Pennys building.
There are 4 shops inside there.
It was pretty incredible.

The iconic Hamilton sign.
There was a little Amish man selling fry pies near here too.

Cheersing with our cherry fry pies!
On our way to the retreat!!

Next up our arrival and activities at the retreat!



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