Monday, August 15, 2022

The Reject's Retreat

 This was the start of one of the best weeks ever! 
 I get to see these women once a year (some a bit more often) and 
I was going to get to introduce Kailie to all my friends!

One of my sewing goals was to finish my Comfort and Joy top and then work on my Denim and Lace top.
First star!
I used Holiday Homies flannel for this one.
It will be a Christmas gift.

We shopped, a LOT while we were there too. 
 The original gang (OG) went to MStar the first day so Kaliie and I stayed back and sewed.  
The next day we went to the KC Maker shop.  
Kailie and I bought the same shirts and wore them this day. 
 I think some of the other folks will be getting them too.

Off to Lawrence, KS and Sarah's.
 An iconic quilt shop to be sure! 
 We got everybody together for a shot at this shop. 
 I love these women!

Another day we went to the Fabric Chick. 
 I forgot to take pics there.  
This shop is called Stashworthy.  
They had a lot of nice stuff including Liberty!

Stashworthy had a great window with vintage machines in the window. 
 So cute!

I finished my top! 
 I love it!!  
I made the back when I got home and sent it off to my quilter. 

I had to pattern match this backing too.  
It is not my favorite thing to do but I think it turned out pretty well.  

I sewed and sewed and SEWED and managed to get 4 of my Denim and Lace blocks finished.  
This quilt is not for the faint of heart, LOL. 
 I will work on it more when I get time, now that  I'm home.

Mel and Kailie are making this too.  
We all traded low volume strips and Mel and I traded some of the bluse.
Kailie is going to make hers cranberry and LV.
It should be pretty.
She finished THREE tops.  
Made me feel like a slacker, HAHA.

It was a fun week but all good things must come to an end.
On Sunday Kailie and I headed out to Hannibal, MO on our way back to MI
Chris had told us we needed to stop there as there were 2 shops to visit.
It is the boyhood home of Mark Twain.
There was a cute little downtown AND 2 really nice shops.
First shop we went to was called Bits and Pieces

SO much to see.  
Lots of modern stuff including a LOT of Tula Pink!

There were a lot of antique toy sewing machines too.
I especially love the Fisher Price lady at her sewing machine! 

Second shop just down the street was called the Hickory Stick.
It looked small on the outside but went over several buildings!

This is what greets you as you enter this shop.  

On our way to the car we saw a steam boat. 
 I would love to go back and visit this town again with Chris. 
 It had a lot of interesting things in the area.  
Maybe it's time to branch out in our camper.

We eventually made it all the way home to MI.
Kailie spent the night and left the next day to go back to her place in OH.
Someone was sure happy to have me home!




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