Monday, November 14, 2022

Cats and Things

 Finny was posing so nicely that I just had to get his pic today.

Last night before bed these 2 were co-opting my sewing space.

We were at Avery's the other day and he was taking the scooper off his lego truck.
He would say "help me".
Then Papa asked him if he was going to take it off again and this series of photos says it all.

Clearly the answer was YES
Silly papa!

I got a good photo of Cole showing how BIG he is now.
Amazing to think how far he has come from when he was ill.

For some reason this is Finny's favorite place to be, UGH.

We finally got Avery to actually enjoy jumping into the leaves.
It took some work but eventually he seemed to enjoy it.

He does love to snuggle with his papa.

I thought this photo of Finn turned out really well.
He is a gorgeous cat isn't he?

Kind of a mash up of pics but hope you enjoy these.



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