Friday, December 02, 2022

More NC Fun Times and Thanksgiving

 We have been busy here in NC and the time is just flying by! .
 Chris and I packed up the truck and sent him back to MI for a week or so.  
He will be flying to Phoenix for a week for a church retreat then driving back here to finish out the year.  So let's catch up.

 We were driving and I spied 2 huge cotton fields. 
 I have never seen them in person and it was so beautiful. 
 Fabric seeds as it were, LOL.

Our eldest daughter came to NC to deliver a few peafowl to a farm here.
We all got to see her when she was here which was really nice. 
 Had a mini Thanksgiving at the camper with the whole crew. 
 She was heading back to the farm in Bullock to pick up a male peacock to use in her breeding.  
We got up early one morning and met her at the farm.  
I loved the teal peafowl, but she was taking home a purple male.  
She will have him for at least a year then return him to their farm.  
Some of her birds that I knew were at the farm.  
It was nice to see them again and very nice for the owners to give us a tour!

On the day before Thanksgiving we drove to the mountains to Brevard.
We got to spend it with our SIL's family
I made the stuffing and Chris cooked the turkey.
It was such a fun day and I'm happy that we were able to get some family pics.
It was us, BOTH of my SIL's grandmas, both of his brothers, his brother's wife, Nick's parents, Kelsey, Nick and of course Avery!

I love this little guy SO much!

Grammy, Pop, Papa, Gigi and Avery

I LOVE this pic of Kelsey, Nick and Avery!

It was such a fun day!
Hoping maybe we can make it a tradition going forward.



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