Friday, December 09, 2022

December Finishes

 Chris went back to Mi and then flew to Phoenix for a church retreat.  
I'm hanging out here with the cats.  I turned the camper into my sewing room for the week. 
 I had bought some flannel remnants a long time ago. 
 I found a great pattern that I thought would work for the flannels. 
 Most were vehicles and some solids.  I 
cut them out, put them in a bag and promptly forgot about them, LOL.  
So when I was packing for the trip down here 
I gathered many of the projects up that I had cut out to try to finish.  
I added to them by one when I was down in Berlin.  
I have all but 2 of those finished now. 
 I started making the flannel construction quilt and realized that if I made just a few more blocks I could assemble another  small top from the left overs! 
  I love when that happens. 
 So here are my 2 quilts.  

This is the little bonus quilt I was able to make.
It would be a great floor mat for a baby.
I plan to get them quilted upon my return to MI.

Another project I had was a Moda kit for this little fox.
There are three of these.
A fox, an owl and a raccoon.
I bought the kit for this one.
I love Annie Brady's patterns, very easy to follow.
These little kits gave ample fabric even if you made a cutting mistake!

I am so very pleased that I have been able to finish most of the tops that I brought with me.
I will be pushing to finish the final 2 I have cut out.
I woke up with a head cold today so we shall see how much I get done today.




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