Wednesday, January 04, 2023

Last Weeks In NC and Christmas

 We took Avery on the Santa train a few weeks before Christmas. 
 He loved the train ride!

He got to sit on Santa's lap for the first time.
His mom was worried he would be afraid, but he and I had been talking about Santa.
We got him a stuffed Rudolph, a book and PJs with a reindeer on it.
Then we got to watch the show together.
So he was super stoked to see Santa!
Just look at that smile!!!
I asked him what Santa was bringing him and he answered,
"a train"
No one had gotten him a train, so Amazon to the rescue!

I wanted to make something with Avery to gift his parents so one night when we were babysitting,
I brought over the paints and a canvas and we made this wreath!
The berries are his thumb prints.
I used a marker to do the bow and his name. 
I sprayed it with Modge Podge but it made the marker spread.
I wiped it off as best I could and waited for it to dry.
I did it over after that.

We also made salt dough feet ornaments, into reindeer.

These to laugh together.

Chris and I made this Treats for Santa plate for Avery to set out on Christmas eve.
He and I baked some of those pre formed Christmas cookies to put on the plate.
He put out a cookie, some mild and a carrot.
First thing he did on Christmas morning was make a beeline to the plate.
The carrot was partially eaten, so he ate the rest of it; same with the cookie.

Chris and I made this one too, for our daughter to give to a friend.

On Christmas morning, after checking out his plate, he heard the new train that Santa brought.
He was thrilled!!!!
He sat right down and played with it.

First gift was a car carrier.
Second was another "big da" (truck)
Third was Magnatiles
He started to open it, realized what it was and tried to put the wrapping back on, pushed to toward me and said, "Not a da"  

We took a group photo after Christmas of the five of us.

Just a quick shot with me, my daughter and her son.

I hope you all had a very Merry Christmas.
I wish you the Happiest, healthiest New Year.



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