Wednesday, March 08, 2023

Exciting Visit

 We got to our daughter and SIL's place on Thursday. 
 As we walked up to the house Avery squealed when he saw us.  
I opened the door and he flung himself into my arms!! 
We were just as thrilled to see him.

We brought our son, Thadd's old Thomas the Tank Engine set with us.
A is OBSESSED with "Thomas choo choo train".
As you can imagine he was in train heaven!

Saturday morning we went to the Durham farmer's market.
A and Papa shared a bagel.

We only had a few tracks and A was wanting to make a larger set up.
We told him he needed more tracks.
So until our Amazon order of tracks came later in the day, every time he would come to the end of the track he would say "needs more tracks".
We did one set up on the front porch outside.

On Sunday morning we went to the baby goat farm.
This included a ride on the "train" (carts pulled by a tractor).

He enjoyed the goats.

We went out to dinner and A and I played a large connect game.

I taught him how to jump off the sidewalk too.

We wondered about making the trip just to babysit.
I told a friend I thought I knew why we were asked to go.

A had a shirt on that said Big Trucks for big brothers.
He was running around and we couldn't see what it said.
Kelsey took him in her room and he came out with this pic.

Due end of August!!!



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what a great surprise ... even if you did guess!!

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