Saturday, March 18, 2023

Baby Shower and Life

 I went to a baby shower today for my son's best friend and his wife.
I had a long time friend ride with me and we met up with one more friend at the party.
I have not seen these ladies in such a long time!
It was such a joy to catch up with these ladies.

Here are the mama and papa to be with me.
Doesn't she look amazing?
They are the sweetest kids and are going to be fabulous parents!

I got all the binding made for the three unicorn quilts earlier in this week.
I love them all.

Cole often attends me in my sewing room.
I have a quilt that he lays on, just like Autumn used to do.

It's so difficult to get a good photo of a black cat.
The light was good and I put my phone on portrait mode.
I managed to get some really nice shots of him.

I must say, I think I missed the mark with his name.
I should have named him Shadow, as he is always near me!



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