Sunday, April 09, 2023

Paper Pieced Ballerina Blocks

I have 4 great nieces, three of which do ballet.
There nana and I decided to make ballet bags for them.
(including the one that can't join up yet, too young)
JoejuneandMae is the designer of these adorable blocks.
The ballet bag pattern is a free one on their website.
I spent the day with "nana" and we worked on making the blocks.
We were each going to make 2 
We each made a brunette and a blonde.
I am so smitten with how they came out!

Stay tuned for bag progress.
Nana and I won't be getting together for awhile though.
She has the fabric to make the bags so they will wait until we have another sew day.

I would love to make more of these adorable little dancers.
Aren't they so cute??



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