Friday, April 07, 2023

Using Inktense Pencils

 Remember Prismata?
The adorable dragon quilt I made from a drawing my daughter did when she was in high school.
In the original drawing the dragon had rainbows coming through the water.
I wasn't sure how to mimic that on the quilt.
I decided to try using Inktense colored pencils.
I had read about a technique where someone used these pencils and then used water to blend the colors.
Once they are dry they are supposed to be colorfast.
Here is what I tried on the dragon quilt.

My daughter said she loves it!
Next up is using some heat fix crystals to mimic the bubbles on the original drawing too.

That will have to wait for a bit though.

What do you think about using these colored pencils?
Would you try it on a quilt?



Shirley said...

WOW!!! That is awesome!

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