Tuesday, December 06, 2011

How To Make A Chenille Blanket Tutorial

I have made so many of these and I have had numerous requests about how to make one so Merry Christmas!

What you need:

1 yd  cotton for the backing of the blanket (sometimes I get just a little over a yard, so I have room to square it up after I line up the flannel and sew it)

Four 1 yard cuts of flannel (you can use different colors or all the same) 

            Make sure your flannel is colored all the way through, Cozy solids from JAF are great for this!

½ yd cotton fabric for the binding

Press all fabric before starting but do NOT pre-wash!!  I can't stress this enough.  DO NOT PRE-WASH YOUR FABRICS

Lay the backing fabric on a large surface face down.  Layer the flannel on top of the backing, right side up.  Smooth each layer before adding the next.  Once all 5 layers are smooth place a long piece of tape diagonally across the quilt.  Using a basting needle and thread baste the layers together.  Baste using a big and then a little stitch and stitch about 3 inches from your last line of basting following the tape line. (In this picture the blanket is upside down, it's best to put your cotton on the bottom and layer up the flannel.  I don't have another photo to put here but trust me put your cotton on the bottom and then the flannels.  You want to be sewing with the cotton closest to the feed dogs)
Now for the fun.  Using your walking foot with the stitch guide attached, stitch along one side of your tape line, then you can remove the tape.   Using your stitch guide to help you continue stitching, on the diagonal 5/8 of an inch from your previously stitched line until the entire quilt has been stitched.

It should look like this when all the lines are stitched.

Using chenille cutting scissors, cut through the top 3 layers. DO NOT CUT INTO THE 4TH LAVER OF FLANNEL!! Once all your lines are cut you will need to square up your quilt. Do NOT square it up until you are done cutting your channels!! (ask me how I know this, LOL)

Here is how it looks when you are done before you square it up.

To square up the blanket I fold it in half and use the fold line as my straight line guide. I then trim off each side. I then fold it in the other direction and do the same thing. Once that is done, I fold to make sure all the corners line up with each other and that it really is "square".

Now you need to make your binding. I make it using a cotton fabric (not a flannel). I cut 2.5" strips, join strips to make one long strip,fold in half and press. Attach to the flannel side of the quilt using your sewing machine. I turn and hand stitch to the back (the cotton side). I have begun to put labels in my quilts by putting it into the binding or I use a stamp I had made.

Now is where the fun begins! Wash and dry your blanket to make it "fluff" and ENJOY!!

Your finished blanket should look like these:

If you happen to make one I would love to see it! Please upload it to my Flickr group! I would love to see your creations! I hope you have enjoyed this tutorial! ~XOP~


greelyrita said...

Great idea to NOT cut the layer of flannel that's next to the cotton backing fabric. I made one of these blankets and cut all BUT the backing fabric and the overall effect was just a bit thin, all fluff. Can you imagine it? It was ok but it just wasn't quite right. This fixes it, for next time, that is. Thanks!

Ulla's Quilt World said...

Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world! www.quiltworld2.blogspot.com
Yours, Ulla

Anonymous said...

I have been quilting for many years and just discovered 'rag quilts' - the colors and textures are wonderful. I love your variation and plan to give one a try very soon!

Karen said...

Great tutorial! Thank you...

MsBarnlady said...

I LOVE your OINK A DOODLE MOO chenille baby blanket with the blocks on the front, so much that I have been searching and grabbing any and all of the prints (hard to find) to have my granddaughter help make one. I don't quilt so off the top of your head do you know what size blocks you cut for it? Help...LOL

Mama Spark said...

@msbarnlady, you are a no-reply blogger. I sent you a message in your gmail (Google hangouts) about it. I also found some of the fabric you are looking for, in a FB group. 7 FQ for $25 Check your chat in your gmail for details or email me at mamaspark@gmail.com

Ashley Mazer said...

How do i make this bigger since the fabric is only so big im new to quilting

Ashley Mazer said...

How do i make this bigger??im new to quilting...

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