Monday, June 13, 2016

Beep Turns One

That's right!  My grand peacock, Beep turned one on Sunday. 
 My daughter texted me to tell me this and my response was "Is there a party?"  
The response?  "Of course there is a party!" 
 LOL  I was in charge of procuring the cake.

My son did the grilling (with Beep's supervision of course)

The party table was set.

 Beep was awaiting her birthday feast.

If you will notice, Beep had a bowl on the arm of the chair.  
She instead, helped herself to my daughter's food.  That bird loves her some dip!!

We sang happy birthday but I only thought to turn on the video part way though.

My hubby and the birthday girl.

People ask about the farm so here are a few photos of the outside pens.  
This is the main chicken pen.

The pen on the left houses some of the peafowl and the connecting one on the right is just chickens.

You can see how large the chicken pen is. 
 It will eventually be broken into 3 pens so birds can be separated out for specific breeding. 
 FD has some particular peafowl and some very expensive chickens that she would like to breed and know that the eggs are specific to those pairings.

Not the best photo but you can see Blu, her India Blue male resting on the top of that barrel.

All in all the birthday party was GREAT!  

I hope you had time to celebrate with your loved ones this weekend too. 

 After the shooting in Orlando, I feel even more, that it is necessary 
to tell those you love how you feel.  
Spend as much time together as you can and love one another!


5 comments: said...

Happy Birthday Beep! How fun to have such cool birds.

Jennifer said...

What a fun party. Happy birthday to Beep!

Jennifer said...

What a fun party. Happy birthday to Beep!

c said...

Happy Birthday Beep, may you continue to fan out those beautiful plumes.

beaquilter said...

hilarious that you had a birthday for her! and she's allowed to eat dip??!!

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