Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Secret Santa Christmas Swap

I just found this and thought it was so funny. Does anyone else watch the Simpsons? Mr Burns does this clapping his hands together and saying "excellent" and I think that is a hoot too.

Now back to the regular stuff!

I know I haven't posted for a few days but I am still alive. Chooky Blue is hosting a Secret Santa Christmas Swap and I have signed up! There are over 120 swappers and many are international. I can't wait to find out who I get to swap with. It has to be a secret though so I can't tell you. I'm not sure if I can show photos of what we are to swap, but if I can I will share peeks.

I have about 20 blocks finished with the Fresh Squeezed fabrics but have not taken any pictures, maybe tonight.

More later...

Well, it's later and I still don't have any new photos. I did go to quilting with the CL's tonight and I got 12 more FS blocks finished. I just love them! I also received that yellow dress in the mail today. HATED IT!! Yes, you read that correctly. I just did NOT like it at all. It may be because I am a little too fluffy to actually fit into it correctly, or it may be the fabric had absolutely zero give or that one arm hole was just not fitting right or maybe because it is yellow (I thought I could overlook that, but...no.) So I will send it back and use the dress I have that I wore to another wedding, *sigh*. I will go and search out new black shoes though. I was so uncomfortable in the ones I used last time. Oh well, maybe I will go and see if I can find something in the sotes. My biggest problem is that I am fat and cheap! LOL, this is not a good combination, lol. I'm going to go and read some more in my book and then early to bed for me!!


Very Mary said...

I love that photo! I just spent entirely too much time looking at that site;)

Faith said...

Never mind about your dress everyone at the wedding will be just as grateful that you can go along with Chris in person. We always feel deflated when our dream dress or item just does not fit us!!

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