Monday, August 11, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

The first thing that happened this weekend began on Friday when DD2 came home.  We went out and shopped until we dropped!  Her 20th birthday was on Saturday.  One of her gifts was the shopping spree.  We got her some new clothes and then on saturday she drug her dad and I to IKEA (NOT one of my favorite places to go).  We got her a stand for her tv and some other assorted "stuff".  Needless to say, my wallet was much lighter!

Saturday night we had the wedding reception of some of our friends.  Here is a photo of DD2 and her BF, Brad.  That dress was one of our new purchases.  Don't they look so cute together?  She was invited to the reception as she is good friends with the daughter of the bride and they actually lived together last year in the dorm.

I thought this was so amazing.  Look at that swan!  It was carved out of some kind of vegetable or fruit I think.  It was edible for sure. 
It was drizzling when we arrived and then the sun came out and then this rainbow.  I think that means good things for their marriage don't you?  I was the first one to see it!  You should see their house (really a mansion).  It was so beautiful.  In one of the kids (I'm talking about a 18ish boy) rooms, there is a bookcase that turns around and you can go into the "secret room".  That was my favorite part.  I did respect their privacy and did not take any photos to share with you all, sorry.  He is a CFO of a major US company and I just didn't think it would be a good idea!
Here is DD with the bride.  They were both beautiful, don't you agree?  The bride's dress was so elegant and she was just radiant!
In this photo you can see the bride and groom.  (That's why I showed you the photo of the bride first so you would know which ones they are!)  He was a happy guy!  They have been engaged for quite some time waiting for her kids to graduate from HS and the house to be finished.  
It was a lovely evening.  Then we all recovered like slugs on Sunday and all I did was read a book that I am in the middle of.  It is a series and I am 3/4 of the way through the 2nd book.  They are by Jack Whyte and the first one is called Skystone.  

Lest you think my poor sewing machine was idle, I did manage to make some Halloween Jar blocks.  I will try to get some photos tonight and post tomorrow.  In addition, I watched Allison swim in prelims this morning and she qualified for the semi finals!!!  I think they will be on the TV tonight around 10pm, so please send your good thoughts her way.  She *needs* to make it to the finals!!  Go Allison!  Was that 400 free relay last night not the most exciting race ever?  After all the trash talk we got in the pool and owned that race!!  Go Team USA!!!


Anonymous said...

DD really looks great in her new dress; nice colour too!
But....You hate Ikea?????? OMG! Couldn't believe my eyes. I LOVE it;in fact my whole house is Ikea *lol*
(btw a room with a bookcase leading to a secret room?? Wow!)

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Welcome home to DD, I'd come home for a shopping spree too! The wedding reception looks like it was both fun and elegant. Thanks for taking us along!

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