Thursday, August 07, 2008

Week Catch Up

It has been a very busy week both at work and at home!  Quilting with the CL's has changed to Tuesday nights and the new Cherry Hill Village Quilters evening edition has begun on Wednesday evenings.  We had our first meeting last night.  I hope it will be a successful group.  I did manage to spread out the FS quilt blocks that I have done, in no particular order.  The photo is kind of yellow, I'm not sure why that is but here it is.

I really like how it is turning out.  I have like 30 some odd blocks finished but there are a total of 120 to make so I have a ways to go.  I found a pattern for a block that looks like a jar.  I have seen these done with different bugs, food and things like that.  I decided to try one with Halloween fabrics, so I got most of that cut out last night.  I still need to cut out the lids.  I have NO idea why I am starting another project, lol.  I will use it for our Christmas Bazar at the church to raise money for that group.  

I know, I know, I need to get back to Karen's quilt but...I just HATE making those blocks.  I think I will have to make myself make one or two before I allow myself to work on the FS or jar project.  I feel like a magpie, ohhhh, look over her at the shiny bauble!!

Lacrosse is beginning again and with it some of the left over drama is rearing it's ugly head.  i am so done with drama in my life!  I'm not quite sure how to handle it I have been prayerfully considering what to do and how to do it.  Please keep me in your prayers for guidance.  As the president of the club my role is so complex and I need to wear so many different hats.  I just hate all the drama, I guess I had my fill in HS!!  Anyway, I digress!!

My DD2's 20th birthday is on Sat, the same day we have the wedding so I will get to see her on that day at least.  Her bike got run over (by her room mate, accidently) so we are getting her a new one for her birthday.

Talk to you all soon!!


Faith said...

OOOh that quilt is gorgeous and dont worry about starting another project we all need to do that and have a change.

Pat said...

FS is looking good!

Have fun at the wedding and Happy Birthday to DD2!

Hope things settle down with the lacrosse drama :)

Tanya said...

Wow! That was sure fast! I hardly turn around and you've almost got your flimsy made! Looks great!

Holly said...

I'm lovin' all the orange in this quilt! It looks fantastic.

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