Tuesday, August 12, 2008

This and That

Well, this is going to be one of those posts.  

Schmitty swam in the semi finals last night and placed 9th by 1/100th of a second!!  That sure is rotten luck, huh?  I am so proud of her and all that she has accomplished though and she still has the 800 free relay to swim in and I am sure that will medal.  Wasn't it an amazing night for US swimming last night??  We certainly do Rule the Pool!!

I have been working on some of these "jar" blocks for a quilt to use for our Christmas craft show to sell and have the money for the CL's to use for quilting and whatever else we decide we need to have to make our charity quilts.  I am doing Halloween jars.  Here are just a few.  I am making 16.  I will"put them on shelves" and maybe put a cauldron or a broom in the corner, we'll see.  I love Halloween!!  What do you think?  NO I haven't stopped working on FS or the Anniversary quilt, but these are fast and fun to make.  (Can you say ADD?? LOL)

The third installment in the Designer Mystery BOM arrived yesterday so I need to get to that too.
As if there is not enough for me to do this week here is the rest of the line up for the week:

Quilting with the CL's tonight

25th anniversary on Wed (no quilting with the CHV ladies tonight)

Senior pictures with DS at 4pm
Dinner with the in-laws and DH's sister and BIL on Thursday

Friday- WHEW

Sat quit-till-you-wilt at the church

Sunday Lacrosse picnic

Now, I REALLY need your help with this.  As you can plainly see, my 25th wedding anniversary is tomorrow and I have NO idea what to get DH.  I really wanted to go on a trip to Ireland but that is not in the cards (you know that pesky 2 kids in college at the same time thing!)  So any ideas?  I know the Nascar race is close to home on Sun and he would love to go to that, but I was thinking of something together or some kind of gift, HELP!!


Saska said...

I gave mine a new pocket watch with an inscription on the back. Something he carries every day. Wasn't a real expensive one either, but something he could use.

Congrats on 25 years!

G'G'ma said...

I don't have any gift ideas. We don't give gifts anymore but go out for a nice dinner or maybe just to a special place for lunch. We are celebrating our 55th anniversary on Friday!

Faith said...

MMM Chris likes bikes? maybe a bike rally or a music concert? Id go for a lovely romantic dinner and just stay somewhere else for the night.
I love your jars

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

So, what to do in your free time? ;) I am going to do a jar quilt for my grandson when he gets a wee bit older... "Mason's Jars"... cute, huh? yours looks great, love that BOM, too.

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