Friday, September 26, 2008

Dutch Treat

I had one helacious day at work yesterday and when I got home what was waiting in my mail?  Why this amazing package from Annemiek from Holland.  We were both amazed by Patti's red and white quilt and Annemiek went ahead and already made her own.  When I expressed how wonderful hers was she offered to draw it up in EQ and share it with me.  So she sent it all the way from Holland and in addition she sent 2    beautiful red and white fat quarters.  

There is a story behind those too and Annemiek said, "The "white" one is a so called "Fries roosje".  fries from Friesland, a northern province of my country.  Roosje means little rose.  In the old days it was used as bed linen.  black roses if you were in mourning, blue for "medium" mourning and red for "normal" life.  Isn't it amazing that the people not only changed the colors of their (traditional) clothing when they lost a loved one, but also their bed linen?"

"The fabric is very (old) dutch, although nowadays manufactured in Germany by Westfalen fabrics.  The red one is from the same Dutch series."

It is indeed interesting to learn the cultural traditions of a country other than your own, thank you Annemiek for being so generous and sharing your gifts (and fabric) with me!!  

I have been collecting red and white fabrics for a little while now but we will see how long it takes to get to it.  It's in the que!!

DH is coming home from a week long vacation in very northern Canada with 3 of his uncles.  It is a very remote cabin in a national forest.  I went with him once and it is beautiful, but you take logging roads to the edge of the lake, put yourself and your stuff in a small row boat and go across the lake.  Then you take yourself and your stuff out, portage across some land and put it all back in the boat.  You then motor across another lake to the cabin.  Needless to say we have not been in contact all week.  It is weird.  He travels all the time for work and is gone a lot but we usually talk every day.  I don't think that in 25 years of marriage I have ever not spoken with him for an entire week.  I have to say I don't like it and I was quite surprised to find out that it made me miss him all the more.  Odd huh?  Anyone else ever experience that?  I am excited he is coming home tonight!!


Tanya said...

I'm a bad girl and go off for a month to the States each year leaving my husband alone and usually I forget to call him. I make the first call when I get there to tell him I'm okay and then a call just before I leave to let him know I'll be home in a day or two. Nothing in-between! Hope you have a lovely romantic evening with your true love!

jacquie said...

isn't it wonderful how a package in the mail can change your day. i know what you mean about missing my guy. he's traveling a bunch lately...i wait at night for his call.

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

My husband spent his career not only traveling, but living for months on end on the other side of the world. We used to schedule weekly phone calls, it wasn't ideal but that's the way it was. No e-mail then. Arrrgh. That was then, this is now; glad it's all behind us and we have all day every day together. This too will pass. You'll be so happy when he's home!

LuAnn said...

The red and white fabrics are great, and how nice that she sent you the pattern drawn up in EQ. I think anything quilt related in the mail makes for a good day...even a catalog. Have fun stitching that quilt. Can't wait to see photos of your blocks...soon?

andsewitis Holly said...

That was a very nice package to receive.

Just think how many geocaches there might be on the route to that cabin! *hehe*

I'm not much of a phone caller myself. I always say no news is good news. If I get a call I assume something's wrong.

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