Monday, September 08, 2008

Witch's Pantry and Chicken BBQ

Well, I finally finished the Witch's Pantry!  I am very happy with how it turned out.  Now I just need to give it to Liz with how I want it quilted.  It never ends, does it?

Here is the close up of the broom.  I like how it turned out.
I think the "Cat-O-Lantern"and the Jack-O-Lantern are adorable!
Here is my cat.  I used gold perle cotton to go around the cat and the mouse.

I saw this display in Sam's club.  I just loved the spooky graveyard.  See the spider on the left?  It is spinning something up for dinner later!
On Sunday the Rotary Club of Plymouth puts on a mamoth Chicken BBQ.  Here are my friends Debbie on the left and Terry on the right (with me in the middle).  Deb did the am supervision of the lax boys.  The entire BBQ is done using volunteers.  Our boys lax team sent 29 (out of 34 possible) boys and several parents to help out.  The photo was in the staging area.
Here is some of the corn.  The dinner consisted of half a chicken, an ear of corn, a roll, a bag of chips and 2 hot chocolate chip cookies!  The Rotary Club recognizes the volunteers and also donates money to each group that helps out.  The more people that help the more money they give!  It is a win-win for the teams as it has the boys doing the work rather than their parents and helps the Rotary Club put the whole thing on!
Here is a view of one row of the cooking pits.  They are made the morning of the event by strong people and then the coals are started and the cooking begins.  There are 2 rows of these pits.  It's pretty amazing!
Anyway, that's how I have been spending my time.  I was also wrapped up in the GOP convention.  I just love, love love Sarah Palin!  DH and DS went to the McCain rally on Friday.  It is good to see DS take an active interest in politics and how the world works!


Faith said...

Wow the witches pantry is just awesome I love you stitching round the edges of the black cat, the cat o lantern and pumpkin. Using striped fabric for the broom is really cleverly done.. the BBQ was interesting....what a big event!!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Great post! Man, you're one busy gal...

Tanya said...

Your Halloween quilt is as cute as can be. The stitching around all the pieces is so even! I haven't done buttonhole stitches in ages but it certainly turns out nicely doesn't it. Looking forward to seeing the quilting done on this.

Mary Johnson said...

The Halloween quilt is just too cute! Somehow the only seasonal quilts I ever make are Autumn ones.

kimberlym said...

Your Halloween quilt is great!Nice job!

MightyMom said...

wonderful quilt!! looks amazing!

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