Tuesday, September 30, 2008

What did I do all weekend?

It turned out to be a crazy busy weekend,. DD1 decided to come home for the weekend as she had a dr appointment on Monday. She arrived home Sat am. I made all kinds of "tailgate" foods and we ate and watched the MSU game. Of course there was laundry as well, what were you thinking? I *never* just sit, and I bet none of you do either! Saturday night I sewed a little bit on the blocks for Karen and Cory's quilt (I bet you all forgot about that one, huh?) I also traced all the owls and cut out all the little owl parts. I read my book and look who kept me company the entire time!
Mosen was more than happy to take my place once I got up.
I had sent away for the "Creepy Squirrel" that I saw on Kim's blog and here he is in all his glorious creepyness. Don't you just love him?
Sunday morning was great. I got up and worked on the fourth block in the Designer Sampler BOM. It turned out quite nicely I think.
I also mansaged to get another orphan star done and finished the Big Ten block of applique. I had to applique all the school symbols around the block and put the sashings on. Then we had the doctor appointment for DD. Poor DD she is having a difficult time with that time of the month. She experiences so much pain she often is incapacitated, so off to the dr. Well, said dr is having her come back on Monday next week for blood work and an ultrasound (transvaginal) so we will see how she does. They want to rule out ovarian cysts before any hormonal therapy.

I gave LTW my quilting plan for the M string quilt and she didn't expire. Then I gave her my quilting plan for the Witch's Pantry. All she said is :"You don't want it for this Halloween do you?" Well with as much work as it is all I have to say is "DUH!" If anyone can do what I asked she can. I can't wait to show you what I planned. LTW has my crude drawing so we will see how it goes. I have my friend, Robin print out a picture of the quilt and lighten it up and then draw how I want it quilted. This way I can give it to LTW and she can make it happen. I did forget to talk about thread with her but I know she will ask before she begins.

I had to stop by the LQS to get border fabric for the Big Ten quilt. They should never let me shop alone! I did manage to get the border fabirc as well as several other fabrics for the BTQ next year. Now we are only lacking a few and we won't have to scramble as much.

Then I had quilting with the CL's tonight. I sewed the binding on the St Pat's donation quilt in hopes that someone would hand sew it down. Luckily Dian agreed to do that for me. Thanks, Dian! LTW shared a pattern with me this week and I decided to make it into a challenge for the ladies. Everyone needs to bring in 1 yard of a focus fabric and I will put them in brown bags. Each person that wants to participate can take a bag, and using 4 other fabrics make a quilt. If they like it they can keep it, if not they can donate it. I think we will have a party at the end and show and tell. *AFTER Christmas!*

Well, that's all for tonight.


Very Mary said...

I just woke up, but I love the picture of sleeping kitties. Makes me want to go back to bed!

Kim said...

I was at the quilt shop tonight, and Lindy told me you had called her and ordered the Dress Up Squirrel (aka the Creepy Squirrel! ROFLOL!) She thinks I'm making her famous with my blog--she cracks me up! I'm glad you ended up getting it--now we can be TWINS! LOL!

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