Monday, March 23, 2009

Lots to Tell

Ok, I have a lot of things to catch you all up on. It was a super busy weekend but first things first.

Weight loss...NOT I gained a pound. Now that is out of the way!

This photo is for Anna and Lotte. Here is a pic of the fabric I bought in Indiana (all 20 yards) it does not take up much space, does it?
My Bad Indiana

Oh but I was more badder this weekend! I took Friday off and went up to East Lansing to take DD2 out for dinner. Well, DD1 decided to meet up with us too. I took the time to visit 2 of my favorite quilt shops. Bad decision! I am going to come clean and show you what I bought. First up, I want to make a quilt for my dear friend, Mary. Her bedroom is aqua and brown. I literally have nothing in the right colors for her. This was all I found at both shops, but it is a start.

Mary's quilt

Next up was Wendy's shop and I hit the jack pot for shelby's quilt:
For Shelby's quilt
Aren't they beautiful?
And then there were these:
I love King Arthur and found this great fabric. I also thought the red and white would be nice for my red and white quilt, eventually. But I also have another idea for those red and white prints which I'll show you in a minute. I am hoping I can use those browns with the other aqua and browns but we'll see.
Castle Pattern
I thought I might be able to make this quilt someday and the Arthur fabric was on sale so I bought the last 1.5 yards!
Now back to the red and white. I had seen this quilt in the better homes quilt mag and thought it might look really cute in red and white. What do you think?
Bird Quilt
I can see it with a white background and red and white birds.

I met up with the girls and here we are at dinner. It was so much fun we just laughed and laughed. I really needed to see them again and re-charge.
Me and the Girls

Lest you think that I did no sewing (which is almost true) here is month 10 of the BOM finished. I also made a birthday gift (Yuki) but I can't show it until she has it.
BOM Month 10

On Saturday we had an all day (9am to 4pm in the freezing cold) lacrosse tournament. DS rolled his ankle in practice on Friday so he was in a lot of pain, but of course he still played.
Sunday we went to Kalamazoo to listen to a vacation club (type thing) presentation. It was a great deal and we bought into the club. Looking forward to the membership materials so we can plan some vacations. It is almost time to be able to do some traveling ourselves so it was good timing. Anyone out there have experience with Coast to Coast?

I guess this leaves just the stash report eh?

I added 5 yards.

Net stash busted YTD: 5.25 yards

That was painful. With all the lacrosse and all the graduation (God willing) plans we are in the thick of, I don't know how much sewing I will get to. I am hoping to be able to finish Karen's quilt blocks this week. I hate those blocks but am going to try to force myself to work on them. I only have 8 left to make them I can assemble it. Their anniversary is in June so I want to have it finished before then. No rest for the wicked!


Faith said...

Oh the fabrics are so yummy the colours remind me of going in a candy shop and seeing all the yummy colours there so tempting when you get in these quilt...shops you bad bad girl hee hee Id do the same if I had the chance to go in a spell binding quilt shop hee hee. I just cant wait to see what you do with these yummy fabrics...

The Calico Cat said...

No opinion on the birds quilt, but I like it too & am thinkg about doing it (in my next lifetime...) I rellay like the turquoise & scrappy brights...)

KZK said...

You know how if you break cookies, they lose calories? In the same vein, if you confess about fabric purchases, they don't count. Really. :)
I would LOVE to do an aqua and brown quilt one day - what a delicious combo!

Mrs. Goodneedle said...

I have heard about the broken cookies, it must be true! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

dianne said...

are you SURE you don't want to do those birdies in pink and brown ...... NOT!

isn't it great to just have some fun with your girls? love those smiles!

Pat at Bell Creek Quilts said...

not to worry about the fabric has a plan and with the plan will come finishes (sooner or later...hehe)!

Glad you had fun with your girls!

Tiglizzyclone said...

I love those browns that are for a quilt for Mary, and the turquoise. I missed my calling. I think I should have been one of those people that design the fabric!

Jossie said...

It's my first visit to your blog.Lotte made me curious with posting about your purchase of fabric. Well they look wonderful and I will be popping in now and then to see what you are doing with it.

Anonymous said...

Our comments about your shopping at least got you another blogreader :)! Amazing you can fold 20 yards in 2 plastic bags! You cheated though: 19 yards are missing in the pic..*lol*

Myra said...

Great fabrics! Love that King Arthur quilt!!! Lucky you found the fabric for it! 8-)

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