Saturday, July 25, 2009

And you thought I was finished with Florida!

I thought I was finished with Florida too but I forgot to show you what I bought at the quilt shops there! Silly you!

I bought a little bit of all of these. I was thinking dragons for the purple and the cream and for the orange and purple owl eyes. I just really, really loved the aqua.

Various Fabrics
I found these patterns in Venice at a little shop there. They are by Black Cat Creations and are called Plaid cats in my garden. They are embroidered and colored with crayons. I would like to get the whole set of 12 but the shop only had these 2 and the BCC website sells their as a set. If you know of anyone or if you have the ones I don't have here and would be willing to sell or trade email me and let me know if we can work something out.
Plaid Cats
I also bought this pattern in Venice. I thought the houses were too cute.
Beach Houses
I bought these two flamingo panels in Sarasota. Aren't those flamingos adorable? I love the Christmas one. DD2 has already laid claim to any future quilt I make with these. How many quilts does she need anyway??
Blue FlamingosChristmas Flamingos
I thought I would be oh so clever and piece the background for my owl blocks for the Spooktacular Swap. Well I miss calculated and now have all these wonderful squares that are not the right size at all. I think I will just keep them and make some 16 patches with them for something in the future. It did, however lead me to believe that this would be too much for what I want to do with my owls. So I cut out a creepy swirly green for the background instead. Hopefully that will end up working out better. Sheesh, lots of work for no results. I did manage to get some cleaning and laundry done today though and that's a good thing. We were running out of towels!

For those of you who might like to know...DH said he had bought me a birthday present so I had to close my eyes and hold out my hands and BANG! He placed a box into my hands. No, not a small box but one containing the third season of Psych (a TV show). DD1 and I cracked up. She collects those not me! **SIGH** I guess it's the thought that counts!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Look at all those wonderful goodies, love the beach houses.
Are you sure you just cannot add a border to the owl block to make it bigger? then you would not have to start over?

Allie said...

I love the aqua too - but my favorite is that beach houses pattern! Do you remember the name of the shop? I have to get that one!

Crispy said...

The aqua is my fav too but I do like that cream and the orange. LOVE the beach house pattern.

Poor dh, he thought he was doing so good. I'm excited that the new Psych shows are coming soon :0)


Jocelyn said...

Did you go to "Sew Worth It" in Sarasota?? Doesn't she have an awesome shop?? The pattern Beach Houses looks like one we did for a shop hop several years ago. Love the panels.

Faith said...

Laughs about your tv show collection lol Ive never heard of Pyche, never mind its the thought that counts, I sure youd still be able to use your blocks of the owls just put a border round them.
Ive got all the cat blocks to sew now, stitch stitch round the edge lol.

Anonymous said...

Great fabrics and yes the aqua IS nice!
And the present?? Men...! (but I guess it IS the thought that counts!!)

JKW said...

OH-OH, you missed Patchwork Pig in Lakeland FL. I was just on the west coast of FL a couple of weeks ago and that was a gem of a quilt shop I had no idea about. Blessings, Jan

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