Sunday, July 05, 2009

Happy Fourth of July!! How did you celebrate?

I celebrated with a trip to Shipshewana with my DH and did we ever have a great time! First of all it was a nice cool day. It takes us a little ubnder 3 hours to drive there. We found an Amish Farmer's Market going on about 2/3 of the way there so we decided to stop and see what they had that we "needed". We had just been talking about canning tomatoes/salsa and making pickles so this was perfect timing. We ended up with 5 ppounds of tomatoes, 4 cucumbers for a dollar, some cookies, some farm fresh eggs and some homemade rootbeer...YUM! Good thing we had brought the cooler with us!!

We continued our drive and ended up at the Davis Mercantile. Let me just tell you that his is fabric HEAVEN!! No joke, it is fabulous. Lolly's has 2 shops one upstairs (newer stuff full price) and one downstairs (all fabric $5.9/yard)I hit the bargain room first. These pictures are not in the correct order of where I went when though, sorry about that! I realized once I was upstairs that Lolly's, being Amish (christian) did not carry *any* Halloween fabrics! BOO! (pun intended) on them!! So we walked around a little bit, got a fresh baked Amish pretzel with the world's best mustard on it, shopped at the little shops got back into the car and drove down the hill to Yoder's Dept store (they have fabric too = )
I got the Halloween panel and companion fabric at Yoders. I also got the Reindeer panel there too. Aren't they adorable? Part of the Crazy Eight line (cut goods at Crazy Quilt Girl's shop) I don't think she has the panel though. If you want that Halloween one (Janet) go to Yoder's website and I bet they will mail it to you!
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I got both of these at Yoders. I knkow I already have some of the aqua but I couldn't remember which one so I bought a yard of each! LOL Wow, I was beginningt o think that I was spending too much time at Yoder's and that DH would be sitting in the hallway in a rocking chair bored out of his mind so I had to hurry up! Just one more thing, that orange, black and aqua dot, there, now time to check out. What's this? Where is DH? He must be in the car. Nope, not in the car. Back in to the store to check across the hall in the hardware shop. Ohhhhh there you are. What's this? A heaping full cart? Do we really need a pig scraper? He assured me we did. Apparently when he went to Canada, eh, with his uncles last summer his uncle Tom accused him of having everything *but* a pig scraper (he is a farmer, who would know something like that even existed??) So he just *had* to have one! Well, ok if you just *have* to. (This is a good sign as he won't notice how much fabric I bought!! heh heh...

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I got this stuff at Lolly's. I am in a Halloween swap and need to make an owl. Look at the fabric on the far left, see it? owl feathers!! The plot thickens!!!
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Oh, got this dot at Yoders like I said up there. We stopped in this other little Amish hardware shop (where DH did not want to go as it was mostly yard goods) and I found these transfers. The little ones were only $1.30 each and the big one was $5!! But wait there's more!! It was buy one get one free day. What? Really?? Cool!!!
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This brings me to my dilema. I need to choose a companion to go with the Creepy Owl fabric. I bought the 2 purple ones and I can't decide which one I like better. HELP!! You are all full of opinions (you know it and I know it!) So pony up and tell me which one you like best. I can only use ONE with the owls so I have to make a choice. It can NOT be both, so don't even try it! I have a favorite but want to see what you all think too.

** Everyone overwhelmingly chose the swirls so swirls it is! It was my fav too. I have all the rows for the block finished and will assemble them into blocks tomorrow (when I can see better!)***

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So I hope you had a happy Fourth of July. I'm proud to be an American, and currently a conservative in exile! Let's hope common sense prevails and our country stays free and capitalist!!


Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Hi, Happy 4th to you too!! we spent the 4th with the three F's~~~ Family, Food, Fireworks!
Wow, did you gwt some fun goodies. This is just my 2 cents worth but I like the swirl fabric with the owls, pick up the purple in the owl fabric, but both will look great!!

Pat said...

Happy 4th of July! We spent our holiday buying appliances! Both our fridges can be repaired but we brought a new range and dishwasher!

Then DH and DS went to see *Public Enemies*...a major portion of the movie was filmed in various Wisconsin locales :)

Crispy said...

Oooo your 4th was much better than mine LOL. I just love the pig scraper story...what men will do just to make their tool box complete.

IMHO, I think the swirly fabric is the best, kinda reminds me of wonky shooting stars or the northern lights.


MichelleB said...

I like the swirl the best!

I love those dots, too. I can hardly wait to see your owls!

Faith said...

the pig scraper thing made me laugh ooooh I love the fabrics absolutely yummy will go brilliantly for the owls they sure will be hooting in happiness.
Can't wait to see the owls.

Mary-Kay said...

I think the swirly fabric would be great. It makes me think of owls in flight swirling around , looking for prey.

GARI said...

I love the owl fabric: I collect owls but have never seen this fabric. And I would choose the swirl fabric. For some reason I can't see owls and polka dots together.

Allie said...

Remind me, if I ever hit the lotto [not that I actually PLAY it] to kidnap you and make you take me to all these fabulous stores. Honestly, I feel like I've never been anywhere, lol! What wonderful finds.
I love the swirly fabric.
Kudos to hubby for finding a pig scraper!

G'G'ma said...

Lucky you going to Shipshewana. It has been a couple of years since I was down there. Love going to both Lollys and Yoders. Some years ago Lakeshore Sewing used to have a bus going down for a day...went twice. We went to an Amish farm for a supper.

I read your post a couple hours ago and keep coming back to look at the owl fabric. Can't make up my the dots but think the swirls would be easier to work with. I'd go crazy trying to line up the dot lines. Well, just talked myself out of the dots......swirls it is!!!

Gina said...

I love that purple swirl fabric with or without the owls. LOL

Love anll your fabrics that you bought

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

I agree with you: the swirls are the best choice, although I'm a polkadot girl!!(you could squeeze a tiny dot in if you want:)
What on earth is a pig scraper?? My dictionary came up with nothing!
I'll pass to comment on your last!!!!

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