Friday, July 24, 2009

Sylvania Quilt Show

LTW, Cori and I went to a quilt show in Sylvania Ohio the day after I returned from Florida. I thought I would show you some of the quilts I really liked. This one was so neat in person. They were raffling it off too. The little quilts next to the ree or the house were so adorable. Some were just cut outs but some were teeny tiny miniature quilts! Amazing! They also had made some with just a couple of houses and they were "table top" decorations. They had put a sleeve (for lack of a better word) on the back and slid it over a lucite picture frame so it could sit on a table top. They were selling those for $30 to raise money for a charity. Very clever!
Lab 108
I loved how the person used the colors in this one.
Lab 114
This was an all black tone-on-tone with dragons quilted into it with verigated thread. Then it looked like someone had used paint, or chalr or something to fill in parts of the dragons. This one was very cool!
Lab 131Lab 133
Have you ever seen the cards by Rebecca Barker? Quiltscapes, I think? This was done from one of those cards. It was really cute in person.
Lab 134
I snapped this one for all you Harley people. It was all Harley t-shirts. The quilting in the border was all mototcycles. Neat!
Lab 135

If you want to see more, mostly upclose quilting pics go to my flickr account.

So the drama continues in my life. I had a pain in my stomach just under my sternum after lunch yesterday. I just assumed that I ate something that didn't agree and kept on going. Then I met my friend Joanne for dinner last night at Applebee's. We had a lot of fun but as I was finishing up eating, the pain came back. In the same place but MUCH more intense! So bad I had to excuse myself and go home and lie down. It passed in about 30 minutes or so. It was scary. DD1 wanted me to go to the ER but I felt fine once it passed. So they made me drink some water and the pain started so I stopped. It wasn't very bad that time though. I called the doctor and she told me to take some antacid. I did that and went to bed. Now, there has been no pain all day so will see how tonight goes. I hope it was just a fluke but time will tell.

I have pictures of the things I bought in Sylvania and will show them later.


dianne said...

AHEM ... you DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION to fall apart just because you are fifty now ... listen to your new best friend - i have survived seven years past fifty (snicker) and i know that it CAN BE DONE - so take care of yourself!!!

Kim said...

Yep, you hit 50 and you just start falling apart! LOL! Happy birthday! I wonder if your pain is from your gallbladder? The pain would be to the right of midline but could also feel like it's in your back, depending. Maybe, though, it's just indigestion and the antacids will do the trick!

Crispy said...

Wow that dragon quilt is awesome!! I love the NYB, there is something about those blocks that never come out ugly.

If that pain comes back, get your behind...and the rest of the ER. Better to find out it's just gas than keep putting it off.


Allie said...

What lovely quilts - thanks for the show!
I'm with everyone else on this - if it comes back, get thee to the ER.

Faith said...

Thanks for the showing the lovely quilts they are lovely, they make you think wow I would like a go on that but.... whoooo they look really hard to do. Keep taking you anti-acid, if the pain keeps coming back go to your doctor, they can be very painful.

Anonymous said...

Those quilts are really awesome! The motorcycle quilting is great too:)
And like I emailed you: health issues and old age....Hopefully this was a one time thing!

G'G'ma said...

Loved the quilts pics.

What had you eaten each time you had the pain? I'd say make an appointment with your doctor to see what she/he says. Sounds like gallbladder but you wouldn't want be in such pain that you'd end up at the ER. That's my diagnosis!!!!
I'm no medical person but my husband and several friends have had surgery. Good luck.

Hi! My name is erica. Would you be my friend? said...

I love that house quilt! And the dragons. what a great halloween quilt! ooo...

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