Thursday, July 23, 2009

Birthday Gifts (from my friends)

OK, so I know I was wining a little, ok a lot, in my last post about no one in my family getting me anything for my birthday. My friends, on the other hand, are awesome. I posted a while ago about my friend Annemiek from the Netherlands. she made me a beautiful hand quilted wall hanging and made 2 pin cushions too. Fabulous! Here are the rest of the gifties. Oh, LTW bought half of my design wall but I don't have a picture of that so when I put it up I will take a photo for you all to see. It is the large portable one, stunning! So not only is she an amazing quilter she is also one of my best friends! Thanks for all you do for me Liz!

My friend Mary Ann (Very Mary) sent me this lovely gift of fabric in the mail. What a sweetheart!!

From Mary Ann
Next up is my friend Yuki. She gave me a cute bag from Herrods in London. (I don't have a picture of it though) and also this pattern and fabric to make a beautiful bag. You are the best Yuki!
From Yuki
Cori (Crazy Quilt Girl quilt shop) knows how much I LOVE Halloween so gave me this beautiful stitchery pattern from Crabapple Hill, a Cpooktacular charm pack and the cutest little card (you *need* to enlarge it to appreciate it. I'm so glad we have reconnected, I enjoy her friendship so much. Thanks, Cori. You should all go to her shop and buy some stuff she has GREAT prices on all the Moda cut goods not to mention some other really cute things! Go NOW!!
From Cori
Charlotte found out I was home and came over with these goodies. I have another charm pack of this too and a honey bun so now I have a good start for something. Thanks for being so thoughtful, Char.
From Charlotte
Last night at CHV quilting, Pauline told me she had a little something for me for my birthday too. How does everyone know I like Halloween?? She made this Schlep bag out of adorable Halloween fabrics for me. Go ahead and peek inside and just look at that adorable button. I'm so happy that Pauline and I have become friends. She also hand stitched all the binding down on my Fresh squeezed quilt and that is one big quilt. Pauline you are truly a spectacular Canadian (eh?) treasure!! I told her that next week I am bringing my lap top and will help her get a gmail address. I am trying to convince her she needs a blog. You would be amazed at how much she does and how beautiful her work is. Let's all encourage her to get one really soon. Maybe she could call it something like "Nana Bear's World" Or Nana Bear from Canada eh? LOL
Schlep bag 01Inside schlep bagButton
I feel very blessed to have each of you for my friends. I feel blessed to have you as my friend even if you didn't send me a gift too. It's nice to have friends!!

I just found out yesterday that I have a cataract growing on my right eye. I knew something wasn't right as the vision was blurry and I was terrified that it might be Macular Degeneration. Thank goodness it was not that! It is not bad (oh yeah, you try working with blurry vision and threading a needle doctor) according to the doctor. He didn't think I needed the surgery just yet. did you know that they take out your lens and give you another one? So he is hoping to be able to correct it with my contacts and glasses, but I am skeptical. I will keep you all posted. I was pretty upset last night as I feel 50 is a little young to be deteriorating already! I am adjusting though. He changed my prescription and I am wearing new contacts. I don't think they helped my up close vision at all but the distance is clearer (I am farsighted so see quite well in the distance even w/o assistance so big deal. I need to be able to see clearly up close. Please keep me in your prayers! I don't know whether to pray it doesn't get worse or it does!

Next up will be all about the Sylvania Quilt Show.


Jocelyn said...

You sure did get an array of wonderful birthday gifts.

Allie said...

Awww- you have lovely friends!!! Such wonderful gifties.

Yes, 50 is young to be falling apart - I know, I'm 50 too, and falling apart in places I didn't know I had. Can you try reading glasses from the drugstore to help you see up close? Take a needle and thread with you and see which strength you need. I can't see far away [like, more than an inch from my face] and when I wore contacts, I HAD to have reading glasses.

Crispy said...

I've often heard that drs like waiting to do cataract surgery. I wonder why they like to wait? It wouldn't hurt to try drug store glasses though cataracts means a dulling of the lens, but it might help.

You certainly have a wonderful circle of friends!!


Faith said...

Im so pleased your lovely freinds came forward, I have been working on the spooktacular blocks and they are coming on really nice. Im also desiging and painting batik paste on some material towards the spooktacular swap so fingers crossed everything will be ok. Im always thinking about you despite Ive not sent anything yet.
Wait til you get these blocks :0)

Cathy @ CabbageQuilts said...

Isn't it wonderful to have such lovely friends. I will keep you and your eye in my prayers, things like that can be very frustrating. And happy birthday by the way!! xo

Very Mary said...

You like fabric? How odd! *laughing* I love your gifties!

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