Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Kelsey's Big Adventure to the Galapagos Islands

So here is my baby on her big adventure to the Galapagos Islands. She did a study abroad for school there. Nice huh?

Galapagos 056
There are tons of sea lions all over and she swam with this one and got some really neat photos. You can see them all over on my Flickr account if you want to go and take a look.

Galapagos 238
This is the only place in the whole world that has marine iguanas. They learned to feed on the algae underwater. Each of the islands has a different iguana. Only one kind on each of the islands.
Marine Iguana
I told her this one looks like he has corn stuck all over it! He is not an underwater feeder. I think it is just the black ones.
Corn Head
Doesn't he look like he could take over the world? Their black color makes them blend into the lava rocks.
Galapagos 037 (3)
Here is one underwater feeding. Notice the fish checking him out? Apparently they are everywhere and very territorial so the fish was trying to scare the iguana away!
Underwater eating
Chocolate chip star fish (I think that's what she called it)
Underwater starfish
They swam around the sea turtles too.
Galapagos 149 (2)
And swam through these caverns. So cool!
Galapagos 345
Here is the BIG goofball underwater. Taking a photo of herself!
Galapagos 093
Then after the course was done she and her friend Roya took this "bus" (and I use the term loosely) to Banos for a few days. They actually flew into Quito Ecuador and took a boat to the GI. It is over 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador! Anyway, back to Banos. They stayed at a hostel run by an Australian family and said it was very nice.
Galapagos 002
Ond day they rode bikes about 10 miles to go to this waterfall. It rained the whole time! The waterfall is beautiful (and so is she). Then they needed to get back and everyone told them to just flag down a "bus" but when they tried, all the people just waved back at them and kept going! LOL. She was quite a novelty while she was there since there are no native blondes. One native told her that blonde equals power!
Galapagos 096
She had a wonderful time and learned a lot and made it back safely. What an experience! She will be turning 21 on Sunday, she just missed the 8/8/88 birthdate. Started out a little bit late and still is a little late!! Love ya, Kelsey!!


MichelleB said...

It looks fabulous! I definitely need to get my son there - looks like it's right up his alley.

Aren't kids funny? I had one that was in a hurry to come out, and she's STILL in a hurry to get things done.

Mrs Quilty said...

Your daughter is beautiful and looks like she had quite an adventure! Wonderful experience. I could do without those creatures, though. Ick!

Crispy said...

Wow what an exciting experience for your beautiful daughter. Great pictures!!


Mary on Lake Pulaski said...

What a fortunate (and beautiful) girl! Awesome photos too.

Gina said...

What fabulous photos. She must have had such a great time there.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Micki said...

Your daughter is lovely, and it looks like she really enjoyed her whole adventure. Lovely photos!

Granny Lyn said...

These experiences will last a lifetime! What a lucky girl! You must miss her, but I can tell you're so proud of her!

thanks for the pictures!

Terri said...

What great fun!!!

Allie said...

WOW what an adventure! Love the pics. Wonder what female named the chocolate starfish, lol. You must be very proud of your beautiful daughter!

Red Geranium Cottage said...

Those are some serious creatures. YIKES!!!!
Cute photo on the last one by the water fall.

Mary-Kay said...

That's a great experience for your daughter. I wish I could have done stuff like that when I was younger. She is very fortunate to be able to go there.

Searchfamilies said...

What great photos & what a great adventure for you daughter
Hugs Janice

sjoko said...

This must be a dream come through. Fantastic photos. Thank you for sharing.

Tammy in Ontario, Canada said...

What a dream trip. What did you say she was taking in her studies?

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