Sunday, August 02, 2009


I can't believe all the wonderful comments on the last post! All my comments go to my gmail and then to my phone and the phone has been chiming away! There are too many comments for me to respond to individually so thank you everyone for leaving nice comments and for following my blog too. I do hope you will be back after the drawing. Anne has posted about it in her blog now too so if you didn't make it over there to leave her a comment please take a minute to let her know how much we all appreciate her generosity too!

What have you all been working on over the weekend? I really wanted to work on my owls but got really side tracked by the World Champoinship swimming on Saturday. A friend of my daughter's swam in the 200 free (probably other things too but I didn't watch today, I recorded it for later so I could get something done!)She placed 2nd and broke the American record! Not too shabby I think. I don't know how their relays did but will look it up and let you know later. I have posted about Allison before when she swam in the Olympics. She is a really nice girl and we are all so proud of her!

I looked up Allison's 400 free and she placed 4th in that. Then she swam in the 2 X 200 relay and that took second place!!

So what did I work on all day today? Well it is that time again. Time for the annual Pathology quilt raffle and so time for the Big Ten quilt to re-surface. This time the blocks will be an Ohio Star. I had to cut out the "kits" for each of the blocks. We are making 2 quilts this year too. I suggested that since it would be awkward if one of the people making this quilt were to win in why not do 2 each year until we all have our own? So the first one is going to Yuki since she will be going back to Japan before we make the one for next year. As I was cutting I thought maybe it would be nice for the person receiving the quilt to also choose the block. (I'd like to say cut the kits and applique the centers but I suspect I would be over ruled) What do you think? If you were going to receive the quilt would you want to choose the block?
Since I don't have any pictures of this wonderful process, I will leave you with a photo that DD2 took in the Galapagos Islands of a Blue Footed Booby. They are only found in the GI and this one had a chick. I have TONS of GI photos on my flicker account if you are interested. It is a beautiful place and I will share more later.

Roya galapagos 824



WOW What a picture. I take picture of y ducks when they come in the spring but I never got one like that witha baby and the egg. Nice going.

Allie said...

LOL - you got a LOT of comments! I remember when you posted about Allison in the Olympics. She has a great name. *G*

Yes, if I were to recieve the quilt I'd want some say in the pattern. You are the most ambitious person I know, I think. Wow.

Love the pic of the booby - I adore those!

kathy s said...

great shot - would love to go to the GI but that probably won't happen in the near future- lucky DD2 you have

Crispy said...

Ooo cool picture, I just love the name of that bird, what the heck was the discoverer thinking when naming it??? I've been working on Blue house #4, just have to put the finishing touches and it's done...stupid work gets in the way of my sewing time :O) Tonight I hope to have my second Aunt Millie templates and overlay started...we'll see.


Anonymous said...

140 comments so far...I'd say more than just a few love Bunny Hill Designs. Love Anne's generosity...not only this but the Tisket Basket Blocks too...we all win really.

Mary said...

I'll bet your phone was chirping (we used to say, "ringing off the hook" but I guess that doesn't apply anymore since most of us are using cell phones). I made a couple of Angel Houses pillowcases to go with the quilt this weekend and made some binding, but didn't get around to sewing it on.

What a great experience for your DD2 to be able to go to the Galapagos Islands - it's one of those places that I'd love to see someday too.

Anonymous said...

The Blue Footed Booby is a strange name but a wonderful picture.
When husbands are away, quilters can play....I'm down to 19 from 34 on my wish list. I'll see you Tuesday night.
Pauline........from Canton

Granny Lyn said...

Oh, what a lucky DD2!! the feet on that booby are such a beautiful blue, too! the feet and the egg would be a wonderful quilt colorway, no?

I am torn,,,would I like to be surprised? or would I like to say what I want? Probably would be good to ask, and see if she has an opinion?

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