Sunday, March 27, 2011

DeStashing Time

I have decided to go through my stash and make some much needed changes.  I am selling off my 2004 Thimbleberries fabrics that I had from the BOM they did that year.  (I think I finished the first 3 projects)  So if you like Thimbleberries or know anyone that might be interested please email me.  Here we go.

First up is a scrap pack of assorted Thimbleberries fabrics
$5  SOLD

All the fabrics listed from here are WOF.

This is the cream group and the amounts are as follows.
There are 3 pieces of the leafy vine, 32", 23" and 14"
The leafy one in the center 1 yd
the flower one on the right 14"
$10 SOLD

These are the only 2 greens I had
Green with red flower 24"
Green on green 13 "

Dark blue 1 yd
Blue with stars 32"
Blue with yellow  11/4 yard
$12 SOLD
Multi flower 1yard
With white flower 1/4yd
Apple 32"
Pumpkins 1yd
Dark brown 1/4 yd
Round gold flower 1/2 yd
Long gold flower  1 yd
Gold dots  1 yd
Berries 1yd
Flowers and vines 14"
$16 SOLD

This is some of the set of the BOM patterns from 2004.  There is also the color reference.  The months I have are Jan, Feb, Mar, April, June, July, August, September and October.  $5

Stencil Pack  $5 SOLD

This is the pattern and the materials for May.  I have the side panels already sewn for the bag as you can see from the photo on the right.  $12

This last one is a kit.  The kit contains 2 Winter jelly rolls. one pattern and just over 6.5 yards of fabric.  That means you have enough to make the top in the pattern as well as have enough for the back and the binding.  $80 SOLD
Lucky Nines Kit
I will be listing more things as I have them available.  Thanks for looking!  Let me know if you are interested in anything.  XOP


lindaroo said...

Will you mail to California? I'd put the cream fabrics to use!

Mary Ann said...

I'd like the Thimbleberries scraps, greens and golds, please. jmcrow at bis dot midco dot net Mary Ann from

Gladys said...

Haría un envío a Argentina?
Por los rojos y el kit y si tiene más claros también me encantarían.
Mi correo vegagladys09 (arroba)

Crazyquiltgirl said...

Those are some nice scraps.
It looks as though you already have several takers. What a great way to destash!

Crispy said...

It looks like you are getting plenty of takers. A start of a little nest egg for your next trip :0)


Sparky said...

Not sure how I missed where were you selling this de-stashing? lol. Can't even imagine how much fabric you have...and where you put it all since your trip.....there were a few here I would have loved to have..

Mary Ann said...

Checking back to see if you have any more for sale! Please contact me - thank you :-)

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