Saturday, March 19, 2011

Thelma and Louise's BIG Adventure

You probably know about Thelma and Louise right?  Well Quilting Queen and I have used this title for ourselves for some time.  This whole trip everyone got to know us by these names so when I refer to Louise you will know it is the Quilting Queen, kk?  So our story begins on last Sunday when Lousie picked me up and we set off on our big adventure!  We had her little car packed to the gills with our clothes, our sewing machines, our projects and FOOD, lots and lots of food!!!  Just let me say that Louise is an amazing traveling companion.  It took us nine hours to arrive at the resort in Hershey but we finally got there about 5:30pm.  Here is what our resort looked like.  You can see our kitchen and then looking into the living room.
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 024Lancaster PA Trip 2011 174Lancaster PA Trip 2011 173

We had really nice rooms too. Mine and then Louise's (I took these as we were leaving so yer bed was being stripped.)
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 176Lancaster PA Trip 2011 175

After arriving we were pretty tired so we just brought all our stuff in and settled in for the night. We wanted to be bright eyed and bushy tailed for shopping on Monday morning. The first place we went was Martin's Fabric Barn.
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 007Lancaster PA Trip 2011 008
We found a LOT of things to love here. Free Spirit solids for a very modest price. You will see what I bought later when I can show you all at one time. Trust me, if you are looking for FS solids, this is the place to go. They will ship to you too! Just look at all these Free Spirit solids, YUM!
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 009Lancaster PA Trip 2011 010
See what I mean? I am making the quilt called My Tweets and was looking for colors to use for the blocks so you will see many of my purchases were for that quilt. Whew, we spent so much in this shop.  On to Stitch and Craft.  I didn't have any photos in there, but Louise got some 30's backings at a good price there.  Next we headed to Bird In Hand and Intercourse.  The first stop was Sylvia's.  She had lots of beautiful quilts hanging outside and we got some good deals here too.  I think this is the only photo of me on my camera!
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 014Lancaster PA Trip 2011 011Lancaster PA Trip 2011 016
We had two days before the quilt show began so we hit as many shops as we could.  After Sylvia's we went to the Log Cabin Quilt Shop and then on to Quilt and Fabric shop.
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 028Lancaster PA Trip 2011 027
I think we ate lunch in there somewhere. You have to allow me a little grace since all the days ran together in some way, LOL. Wewent to a shop called Bitty Kinna's too and this was a really fun place. The women cutting the fabric were a riot and so fun! The owner, Gina was a doll and Louise bought 2 patterns that Gina had designed. (I have sooooo many photos that if you want to see them all you will have to go to my Flickr to see them all).
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 017Lancaster PA Trip 2011 018
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 019Lancaster PA Trip 2011 021Lancaster PA Trip 2011 022
The last place we went on Monday was Zooks. It looked small but they had TONS of fabric inside. I found some Sweet by Moda and some Tamis Keefe prints as well as some TOT for the peacock quilt.
Lancaster PA Trip 2011 023 
We had hoped to do some sewing but we were soooo tired we did not do much sewing.

I'm going to stop for now but if you just can't wait you can go to my Flickr and see all the photos. I leave you looking forward to our exploits on Tuesday. Have a great evening!! ~ XOP~


Colleen said...

Thanks Mama Spark! It was like old home week! I may be in NC but my roots are pure PA! I havent done a trip like that in years! Im hoping to do one this summer!

dianne said...

oooo!!! i couldn't wait, so i went to your flicker - DRAGONS!!! i LOVE those dragons!!!

Jane's Fabrics and Quilts said...

Welcome home!! I am off to see more pics.n Flickr!

Madame Samm said...

oh my goodness me I feel like I was there..great shots, sounds like you 2 were united in many ways..welcome home thelma and louise, welcome home....

Crispy said...

Welcome Home!! Wow lots of great quilt shops!! Have you used the free spirit solids before? Are they on the thicker side like the Konas? I've been wanting to try them.


StitchinByTheLake said...

Oh I remember some of those shops from a trip I took a few years ago! I love that area and sure wish I could have been with you. blessings, marlene

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